5 Cleaning Hacks Every Business Owner Needs to Know

A clean working space helps improve productivity by maintaining a productive mind. When your workplace is all cluttered, you will have challenges focusing or concentrating due to so many distractions that create a stressful aura. Messy office space reflects the poor organization and management skills, and this could affect your client relations and promotion. Below are some office cleaning hacks that could go a long way to improve your workplace for optimum productivity.

Having a Dust Cloth Nearby

A readily accessible dust cloth on your office desk comes in handy in minimizing or preventing dust accumulation on your work table. Whenever you have time to spare, when on calls, or when talking to a colleague, you can grab this piece of cloth and start dusting your desk. A microfiber dust cloth is a perfect choice for the task because it cleans the crumbs and dust effectively.

Invest in a Vacuum Cleaner

A great vacuum will not only clean well but will also save you time. However, you should pick a vacuum that isn’t loud to avoid creating distractions for your coworkers. A high-quality vacuum will reach tight places such as the printer, computer devices, and the desk organizer. You can use a condiment cap if your vacuum does not have the accessories necessary to clean such places.

Having a vacuum cleaner at your office also means easy maintenance of the floor or flooring, consequently reducing the cost of replacements and repairs. When shopping for the best vacuum cleaner for your office, consider all your needs.

Sanitizing Chairs

Along with your electronic gadgets such as computers, office chairs get as much contact in the course of every business day. The dirt and dust from wherever your clients came from accumulates over time, not to mention food and drink spills.

To avoid the cost of replacing office chairs regularly, you can take up a regular maintenance routine. By simply using hydrogen peroxide and soap, your office chairs will be left clean and sanitized. You could also use a Handheld Electrostatic Sprayer to make the sanitization easier. A regular maintenance routine extends the chairs’ lifespan. You can clean them once a week on the last day in the office.

Vinegar + Sock Blinds Cleaner

Despite their convenience and professional looks, blinds can be hard to clean. However, wearing sick socked in vinegar and rub cleaning the blinds’ slats leaves them looking as clean as new. The benefit of using vinegar is that it doubles as a sanitizer, and it does not require rinsing. If you are not a big fan of vinegar scent, you do not have to worry a bit because the scent fades away as the vinegar dries up.

Cleaning Stains

Is your office desk is stained with a ring from your coffee cup? You can wipe the stain clean with mayonnaise without damaging your desk. If you happen to keep a portable hair drier on your desk or carry one with you, it could also come in handy to help get rid of the stains. Considering how often you have drinks in your office, these simple hacks will help you keep your desk clean.

A clean workplace supports productivity and positive energy that will maintain a clear mind for optimum concentration. From the mentioned office cleaning hacks, you clearly do not have to spend money on hiring cleaners. You can maintain the cleanliness of your office by yourself without much of a hassle. 

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  1. Commercial space should be always neat & clean. It enhances the positivity in employee mind and health. There are many cleaning professional available that offers great cleaning services to your office luxury items like a couch, sofa, furniture, carpets, rugs and many more.

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