When it comes to DIY home projects, they tend to get a lot of people excited. The idea of crafting something that you’ll enjoy for decades to come with your own two hands can be invigorating. If your next project is a backyard patio, here are some tips to help you out.

Outline Your Patio Space

The first major step that you’ll need to take is to outline your patio. An easy solution to help layout how big you want your patio to be is to use an empty hose as a guide. A hose can be bent in any fashion that you like and can be seen from far away. Use the hose to outline the intended outer perimeter of your patio. Walk around the various areas of your backyard to assess what you think. It can always do any homeowner good to let the hose in place for a few days and see if you change your mind before committing.

Remove the Sod

Once you get your outline figured out, it’s time to dig in. You’ll want to start by removing the sod from the ground. Purchasing a sharp sodding shovel is a great way to do this quickly and evenly. Once the sod is removed, you’ll want to continue to excavate until you reach about a five-inch depth. It’s important that you know what material you’ll be using for the patio structure, as you’ll need to dig down an additional height that is equal to the material’s height. For example, if your flagstones are three inches thick, your total dig depth will be eight inches.

Get Your Landscape Fabric or Gravel Ready

At this point, you should know what type of material you’ll be using for your patio. If you decide to use concrete services, you’ll need to utilize gravel as a base layer for the concrete. If you’ve decided to use a stone, then you’ll need to put down some landscape fabric with sand. This will help to prevent any unnecessary weeds from growing up through the stones that you install.

Lay Down Your Material

Now, it’s time to lay down that material. If you’re using concrete, then have the truck scheduled to come in. If you’re using stone, then it’s time to start laying them down. It’s best to start on one side and work your way to the other. Once the stones are in place, you can simply add sand or a similar material between the stones for added security.

Putting in your own backyard patio can be a big undertaking. However, when you understand the process above and make your selections early on, you’ll be well on your way to a great result. Just realize that planning is the most important part of the overall process.