An example of great senior housing.

When looking for your next home in senior housing, be aware that there are several types that appeal to different types of lifestyles. Here is a sampling of some that may be of interest.

Peace and Quiet

If you’re looking for peace and tranquility during your retirement years of senior living, you may want to downsize to a small home, condo, or apartment where you won’t have to deal with other residents. Choose a quiet neighborhood where other older people live to avoid the clamor that comes with communities with lots of children. You might also find a senior housing community that emphasizes a low-key environment and minimal distractions. Social outlets are available if you decide to get involved with others.


A senior apartment complex or senior living community might be an ideal location where you can meet others in your stage of life and enjoy a full range of activities. Group shopping, theatre, and dining are some of the fun things that people in this type of living arrangement get involved in. Sometimes community church groups provide holiday services or Sunday worship opportunities. Musical performers and comedians often are hired to entertain at special events. People share a number of interests and options for getting together and having fun.

Health and Fitness

Another type of senior housing community includes health and fitness programs and equipment. There may be a walking track, a weight room, and exercise classes among others. You can participate in team sports like pickle ball or volleyball. Although other types of socialization are available, the sports and wellness aspect combined with experts’ presentations on health and fitness for this age group make this type of community a desirable residential choice.

Learning and Travel

If you enjoy taking day trips to shop or visit special attractions nearby, you might like this type of community housing. Groups sometimes form to take longer trips to national parks or resorts. Bus, train, and plane travel are usually included to sites of interest. Classes are often organized on a variety of travel topics along with other types of learning options, such as studying a new language or an exotic type of new cooking skill. You can meet new people, see new places, and learn new things in this type of exciting environment.

With plenty of choices to consider, think about those that best suit your senior interests. Check out a few places to find one that seems like a perfect fit.

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