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If you’re trying to make sure you attract the right woman into your life, you may need to start by considering your grooming habits. When you’re out at the bar with your friends or attending a networking event, there are certain things women will notice about you that you may not be aware of. While it’s important to wear an outfit that flatters your body, clean shoes, and finish your outfit with a signature piece like a nice watch that isn’t too flashy, there are other things you can do to tell a woman a little more about who you are.

Women pay attention to the way you groom yourself, and they form the first impression of you based on this. Here are some things women are searching for when it comes to a man’s self-care routine.

Clean, Short Fingernails

Most women don’t want a man with extremely soft hands, since this could be a sign that you don’t work hard. However, applying a little lotion before your date definitely doesn’t hurt.

You should also make sure your hands and fingernails are free of grime and dirt. After all, a woman isn’t going to want to hold your hand if you haven’t made the effort to clean your nails. You should also keep your nails short and neat. You don’t have to make an appointment for a manicure (but you can if you want); clipping your nails, buffing them to get rid of jagged edges, and keeping your cuticles neat will send the message that you care about your appearance.

A Sexy Hairstyle

If you’re a “hair” man, you likely notice a woman’s hairstyle before you walk up to her to introduce yourself. So, you can understand that many women look at a guy’s hairstyle as well. Even if you have a bald head (which some women love), make sure your head is clean-shaven and moisturized. If you do have hair, it should be neat and trimmed. The style should be cut in a way that flatters your face. If you have long hair, be sure your ends are trimmed and your hair is clean and combed.

When it comes to facial hair, women have different preferences. Some women prefer a clean-shaven man, and if this describes you, make sure you get rid of stubble often with a razor that is safe for your skin. If you have a goatee or a beard, keep the beard clean and neat at all times. There are several men’s grooming products on the market now that condition your hair and give it a pleasant scent so the woman you have your eye on won’t mind getting close to you.

Groomed Intimate Areas

When it comes to getting close to your partner, you want to make sure the rest of your body is as well-groomed as your face and hands. Make sure your hairs are trimmed or cut in intimate areas of your body. Hair can trap sweat and odor, so even if you take a shower before your date, you may notice that you’re not as fresh as you’d like while you’re spending time with your special someone. You can avoid this by using clippers or razors to keep excess hair at bay and to maintain the pleasant scent of your shower gel, aftershave, or cologne.

Choose an Alluring Scent

Women are very attracted to scents that evoke positive emotions or memories. That’s why it’s important for you to select a cologne that fits your body chemistry but isn’t too overpowering. You can also use shower gel or lotion in the same scent of your cologne to make the scent last longer. Of course, it’s also important to use deodorant after your shower and apply aftershave to add fragrance to your face and neck area while preventing razor bumps. Colognes that feature scents like amber or sandalwood tend to be warm and comforting, so you may notice that your date wants to get closer to you to take in the scent.

These are just a few things you can do to increase the chances that your next date goes well. When you practice these grooming habits, you’re more likely to feel more confident, which will contribute to the success of your date and lead to a genuine connection.