An example of equipment that might be used during a plumbing emergency.

Many homeowners prefer to handle their own plumbing issues rather than pay for professional service. However, some problems require an expert plumber’s assessment and repair. If you notice any of the following, contact a local plumber for guidance and assistance.

Major Leak

Upon discovering a significant leak or pool of water in your home including a flooded basement, you should call a plumber for help. Unless you have plumbing experience with major problems of this type, it is best to leave it to the pros. A large pool of water or gushing water could stem from a complex situation that requires expert analysis and a recommendation for specific action.

Strong Odor

If you detect a repetitive or growing scent of mold or mildew that is not visible, call a plumber to help you find the source. Sometimes water can collect behind a wall or under the flooring. When undetected, the water can damage the home’s structure as mold grows behind the drywall or beneath the floorboards. A damp smell is a warning sign that something may be wrong with water leakage into your home.

Signs of Mold

Visible signs of mold are equally compelling, as they can quickly grow and spread. The cost of repairing mold damage can be quite high, and you will probably need to hire mold remediation experts to remove damaged drywall and replace it with new materials. Get rid of the mold before it spreads through the walls and ventilation system, which can be harmful to human health.

Invisible Dripping Sound

When you hear a steady drip that cannot be readily fixed on a sink or tub faucet, and if you are unable to locate the source, contact an emergency plumber to fix the problem. Any pipe or joint in your home’s plumbing system could be damaged or worn, causing slow water leakage that will cause problems if not repaired.

Broken Water Pipe

A water pipe that breaks and causes leaking or flooding needs to be repaired quickly and competently. Sometimes the current plumbing system can be repaired, but in other cases, new pipes or joints may be needed. A licensed plumber who handles emergency calls can quickly identify the problem and make the necessary repairs.

Minor plumbing problems can sometimes be fixed by a homeowner. More complicated plumbing issues typically require professional assistance. Don’t hesitate to contact a local plumber who can come to your home promptly and find the problem.