Outdoor lighting is a great way to improve personal safety and the overall security of the property whether you are at home or away. There are plenty of ways to equip your home with external lights, so it’s a good idea to take some time to consider and plan how you want to set them up. Using energy-efficient bulbs and carefully positioning each light helps you cut costs and maximize illumination without turning your yard into a year-round holiday display.

Guide Lights for Stairs and Walkways

You can use almost any kind of fixture for stairs and walkways leading up to external entrances, but it’s always a good idea to shed some light on these areas. Guide lights can be strings along railings, small posts marking steps or simply sconces along the front of the house. Illuminating stairs is important for your personal safety, but it is particularly helpful for guiding visitors and other people who might not be ready for the step down.

Motion Sensing Fixtures

Motion sensing lights are a great way to deter unwanted guests in the backyard without making your neighbors miserable. These floodlights can be strategically positioned around the house to light up certain areas in response to movement. Some types are also equipped with cameras that record for a short duration after detecting certain kinds of motion. These can be great for preventing or addressing trespassing and other criminal activity.

Sturdy Fixtures for Harsh Environments

Basic light fixtures aren’t always good enough, especially if you live in a coastal environment. The potential for sand, saltwater and storm exposure necessitates installing marine-grade lighting to ensure your property is lit up when you need it most. Likewise, if you live in an area that frequently sees heavy snows, you should consider positioning lights up on poles or on the side of the home so they don’t get covered up.

Light Up Pools and Hazards

Children, animals and even adults can suffer serious injury by walking around a property in the dark. Pools are a notorious hazard that can be extremely perilous whether they are full or empty. It’s always a good idea to position lights near potential hazards, whether they are hefty yard decorations, ponds or pools.

It might take a bit of trial and error to strike the right balance with your outdoor lighting, especially if you don’t want to brighten up the whole street. However, modern technology offers plenty of opportunities to efficiently, effectively, and unobtrusively illuminate your lawn.