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Bringing a new product or service to the market is only complete when you promote it to the right audience. But there are endless options to market your active household. You might find it challenging to identify the proper promotion methods to get the best results. There are numerous convenient and low-cost methods to advertise your brand depending on the audience, offerings, and industry. Here are five primary ways that you can use to market your active household.

1. Exclusive Previews

You need your loyal customers to promote your product since they are likely to buy and promote it on other networks. The promotion can occur as a demo, preview, virtual-pre-launch party, in-person party, or a special invitation to test it and give feedback. The unique offerings to loyal customers strengthen your value and help maintain the loyalty between both parties.

2. Introductory Offers

Instead of announcing your service or product, you can present it as part of special introductory deals. Such offerings may fall under various categories such as discounted pricing, reduced package, joint promotion, and getting one free product after purchase.

Despite your type of promotion, remind your customers that the offer will only last for a few days. Customers with limited buying power will get the urgency pressure to purchase the item either by inventory or time. For instance, you might want to promote a new era of an electric bike.

3. Contests and Giveaways

Contents in social media are fun and more comfortable to connect with customers and bring more prospects and followers to your business. Facebook contests get about 34% of new customers for every campaign, which is a significant way to battle the platform’s low organic reach.

In positioning matters, winners of giveaways on Facebook or Instagram should have the first chance to get their hands on the new offering. You can sell the product at a discount or give it for free. Be ready to announce the substance (campaign) across various promotion channels and not only on social media. Also, consider using paid ads, email newsletters, your website, and other social media channels.

To generate more excitement to the purchasers towards the offering, engagement with social media will drive more traffic to your site. It will promote your business to new customers and bring a fun way of linking with your audience.

4. Customer Reviews

Allowing your customers to advertise an active household is one of the best marketing methods. You can also take advantage of some methods, like offering a free trial and giving an upgrade. Through such scenarios, you can ask your customers to write an internet review of the product or provide testimony.

Testimonials and reviews will be invaluable when rolling the item to your general audience. Studies show that 84% of consumers have trust in online reviews and personal recommendations.

5. Social Media Posts

To promote your product, consider using your social media posts. Ensure you spread the word of your offerings and deals through social media accounts, as many companies have done before. It is an easy way to communicate with your audience while making your followers effortlessly share your posts on their profiles.

Another benefit is that your prospects (customers) can inquire more about the commodity within the comments section. Their answers and questions can cater as an organic FAQ, while the post can connect to a blog post or landing page with more information.

Wrapping Up

The best way to market an active household will depend on the channels you frequently meet your audiences and their online behaviors. You can also cross-promote and use multiple media. Ensure your messaging is more consistent, engaging, and cohesive to ensure your audience learns more about it. Using the above strategies, you can get the needed results for your product launch or new service offering.

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