One thing everyone has to worry about is cybersecurity. It doesn’t matter if you are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, a small business owner, a private citizen, or even a child, cybersecurity is important for the safety of everyone in modern society. If you aren’t careful, you and your data will be targeted by hackers, cybercriminals, malware, and more. Even worse, these threats are continually evolving. As such, you need to do everything you can to ensure that your information is safe from these digital threats.

Encrypt Your Data

One of the best cybersecurity measures that can and will protect data from digital threats is encryption. Encryption is the technical process that is used to encode information so the original data can no longer be read. The process of removing this encoding is known as decryption. The only way for data to be decrypted is through the use of an encryption key. If hackers, cybercriminals, and other bad actors don’t have access to the encryption key, decryption should be virtually impossible. One way to protect your important information from those that would do you harm is to work with a cybersecurity company to ensure that your important data remains encrypted at any point it is not in use by you or could be intercepted by other parties.

Invest In a Comprehensive Cyber Security Solution

However, just one strategy alone will not be enough to solve your cybersecurity problems. Instead, you need a much more holistic approach. Something you should invest in is a cyber risk management platform. Such a platform should include many different features such as the ability to quantify the risks facing your business as well as the ability to assess whether or not the insurance and financial assets you have would be enough to withstand a serious attack or cybersecurity event. A cyber risk management platform company should give you the software tools to effectively manage the technical, financial, and strategic aspects of shielding your company from the harm that can be caused by cybersecurity threats.

Train Your Employees on Cyber Security Protocols

If you are an employer, one thing that is absolutely vital for the success of your cybersecurity efforts is employee training. Something you should be aware of is that over 40 percent of cybersecurity breaches are the result of employee negligence. If your employees are not trained on how to properly uphold high cybersecurity standards while on and off the clock, you will most likely end up being targeted through your employees’ own incompetence. Instead, spend the time, effort, and money necessary to ensure that your employees know how to protect your company’s precious data and network from being accessed by criminals. If you don’t, a major cybersecurity event is almost a certainty.

Backup Your Data

Despite your best efforts, important data may still be lost due to a cybersecurity event. It may, for example, be corrupted by malware. In certain cases, even nature can wipe out data if a lighting strike strong enough hits your data center. Overall, what you need is redundancy to protect your data. Always make sure that you have a working offsite backup of your important data if the worst were to ever happen. You can utilize cloud technology to help ensure that these backups are updated as quickly as possible. Cloud backups made in real-time are almost impossible to destroy completely unless you are the one making the decision to remove that information.

Actively Monitor Your Network

Something else that is needed to protect your data is the active monitoring of your network. You need to know exactly who is trying to access your data and when. All this information regarding traffic should be logged in a format that cannot be altered by hackers. This will preserve the record so it can be analyzed later. Your cybersecurity team should also be immediately notified if a breach does occur. Being able to act quickly is paramount in regards to stemming the bleeding and stopping a hack from getting even worse.

These days, companies rely heavily on their data to provide them with the advantages they need to compete in very tough markets. However, all that data can be stolen or even destroyed if you don’t also make the appropriate investments into cybersecurity. Investing in things like remote backup, real-time network monitoring, and comprehensive cyber security software solutions can help make your company strong enough to withstand a serious cyber attack.