You’ve lined up experienced speakers, have planned your large event agenda, and have your event branding in place, but there is another important part of event planning that you cannot forget when you’re planning a corporate event, whether you’re launching a product or hosting an awards dinner. 

The entertainment that you book at any corporate event can make or break the kind of experience that your attendees have, and whether they enjoy your event or find it a waste of their time. If your entertainment goes well, it can win over your attendees and keep them talking about your event well after it’s over. 

How do you decide on the right entertainment? Keep these tips in mind when planning the entertainment as part of your next live event production.

Tips For Planning Corporate Event Entertainment

Focus On Creating An Immersive Experience 

Experiences are valued by people more than ever. To see how this trend has taken hold, look at the sudden boom in experiences like escape rooms, and pop-ups. Most people now prefer to spend their money on experiences instead of on things. 

Your attendees want to feel as though they are a part of the experience. Take advantage of this and make use of it in your event entertainment. This will add value to your event, and make sure people enjoy themselves and remember it.

Keep An Eye On The Budget

Entertainment can be expensive. Always create a budget for your event before you start booking anything. Make sure you know how much any entertainers you’re considering will cost you and any supporting elements that they might need. For example, if you book a live band, they will need a stage, lighting, and sound. A photo booth will need power to work. The supporting elements that the entertainer will need are not always provided by them, so make sure you check what’s included and what you must provide yourself when you book entertainment. This will help you to avoid any nasty surprises and additions to your budget.

Remember Your Audience

When you’re planning the entertainment for your event, you will need to think very carefully about what your audience wants. You need to know what they will be doing before the entertainment is scheduled, and what your audience demographics look like. Send out pre-event surveys, and dig into your event software to get information from your previous events to start working out exactly what your attendees will enjoy. 

If your attendees will be spending most of the event discussing things in breakout sessions, they probably don’t want to sit and watch a long performance afterward. Instead, they might enjoy something more active that will allow them to move around. If your attendees will be spending the day doing something more active, then they will probably prefer to sit down, relax, and enjoy some entertainment. 

Keep in mind what you have on the event schedule before and after your entertainment, so you have a better chance of planning something successful. 

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