For the modern digital customer, providing regular customer service isn’t sufficient — they want a top-class customer experience at all times. In the contemporary market environment, consumers have plenty of alternatives at their disposal. Therefore, businesses must remain responsive to customer needs, queries, and complaints to gain a competitive edge. Luckily, there are various technologies you can use to adjust your business processes to suit customer needs and keep them happy.

A study by Forbes indicates that approximately 78% of customers fail to purchase due to poor customer experience. Businesses should improve their customer service using technology to provide convenient support and experience that makes customers happy. Modern customers have become more tech-savvy. Therefore, adopting new technology can help your business enhance customer experience allowing you to keep them happy.

Here’s how using the right technology can help you make your customers happy.

1. Leverage Social Media

Social media has become a central aspect when it comes to customer experience and happiness. Through social media, businesses can communicate with their clients conveniently and at all times. Implementing various technologies, including videos, blog posts, and infographics, allows companies to connect with clients to make them happy. Besides, these technologies enable the clients to come to your business, thus improving customer acquisition and retention.

Businesses should have experts on the frontline of their social media networks to manage customer interactions. These experts should understand how to connect with clients to keep them satisfied and happy. Ultimately, by using social media technology, you can enhance your customer experience and happiness.

2. Use Mobile Payment Methods

Today, the mobile e-commerce business has become more popular than ever. With more customers looking for web-based e-commerce platforms to shop from, it’s time your business switched gears too.

Customers perceive mobile payment systems to be fast, safe, and convenient — this is what today’s consumers expect. Since mobile payment systems use encryption to keep client data safe, your customers will have peace of mind when buying from you. In the end, the convenience, safety, and speed of mobile payment methods offer your customers a superior experience and make them happy.

3. Use Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)

Using a VOIP business phone allows your company to offer instant responses when customers make calls. Clients don’t like waiting on a call, and this technology comes in handy to eliminate the problem. Elements such as hold time, immediate call redirection, and quality of service impact customer happiness. Failure to meet such expectations from clients can frustrate them and make them leave your business. However, using the VOIP business phone system, you can provide a seamless customer-business call experience. Thus, VOIP technology can help your business make customers satisfied and happy.

4. Use Automated Marketing

Today, businesses need to focus more on automating some of their processes. You can use marketing automation software and platforms to make advertisements efficient and effective on several channels. For instance, you can use software such as e-mail to text to convert e-mail marketing messages into text messages and send them to customers’ mobile devices.

Automated marketing can help businesses sustain customer relationships as it enables your organization to become tech-savvy, efficient, and offer satisfactory services. Ultimately, automated marketing can help your business make your customers happy due to timely and effective marketing strategies.

Customers prefer to have a seamless and convenient experience when transacting with your business. Besides, they have expectations that must be met by companies to keep them satisfied and happy. Technology can help in improving your customer experience and make your clients happy. For instance, you can use social media, mobile payment methods, VOIP phone systems, and automated marketing to enhance customer experience. Overly, the implementation of these technologies can help you make your customers satisfied and happy.