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The beginning of a new decade is a time which motivates people to make some big changes that will create positive long-term impacts. Thinking about how you want the next ten years to be, and what you want to develop or progress in your life, can lead to some big decisions. One of the most common and productive impulses is to revamp your home, bringing into modernity and creating a space that inspires you for an exciting new period of your life. The following are some great ideas on how to modernize your home and bring it into 2020.

New Furniture

A drab sofa, faded through years of sunlight and looking beat and worn out can really drag a room into antiquity and make your home feel outdated and lethargic. Large pieces like these are often the focal point of the room and the most used and appreciated of all furniture items. So, why not indulge and transform your room in one simple action? If you want a more modern look, try a style which is sleeker, or perhaps a more unconventional shape. If you want to inject your home with more personality, try a bold color like red or a strong navy. If you don’t want to commit to this, cushions are ideal for providing accents of color which you can switch out regularly to keep things fresh and lively.

Statement Art

Large pieces of art or dramatic pictures can breathe life into a home. These spark creativity and inspiration, and choosing art which positively affects your mood or provokes happy memories is a sure-fire way to transform your home into a space which has a positive impact on you. Art need not be limited to paintings on the wall either; figures, pots or even hanging ornaments add dimension and flair to any home.  

Change Up the Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important features of any home, and if yours is dull and weak, it can not only ruin the aesthetic, but also strain your eyes. Try investing in some high-quality bulbs and try incorporating fun fixtures into your home. Geometric shapes are very modern styles to try out, and we also recommend crystals to subtly refract light and create dimension, or a lively option to soften the brightness of the bulb.

Re-Design Your Bathroom

Keeping your bathroom up to date will prevent nasty issues from cropping up later down the line and ensure your plumbing and amenities work well. This pre-emptively removes stress from your future, and has the added pleasure of being able to transform your space. An outdated bathroom is dull and difficult to use, so bringing it into modernity means bolder coloured tiles, and styles like a waterfall shower or a larger, more conveniently shaped sink than your standard awkward ceramic bowl. You can explore a variety of styles at for inspiration and a high-quality standard of professional bathroom instalments.

Try out some (or all!) of the above for simple ways to change your home and bring it with you into the new decade.

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