Working with a midwife can help you to feel more in control of the birthing process, and you’ll have the opportunity to develop a birth plan that makes you feel comfortable. Knowing these four things about midwife-aided births can help you feel confident about who you choose to be by your side throughout your pregnancy and delivery.

You Can Move Freely During the Birthing Process

During a traditional birth in the hospital, laboring parents are often required to follow specific guidelines. For instance, you might not be able to eat once you are admitted to the hospital. At a center that welcomes midwife-aided births, you are free to eat and drink as you need. You’ll also be encouraged to get into positions that feel more comfortable.

Staying Relaxed Leads to Shorter Pushing Times

Stress impacts how your body moves through the birthing process. New parents sometimes have lengthy labors, but midwives know how to help you relax your body. Your midwife might help you practice deep breathing, or they might help you into a water tub to ease the pain of your contractions. When it is time to push, your midwife will help you find a position that helps the baby move down the birth canal.

Postpartum Care Starts at Home

After you’ve had some time to recover from giving birth and bond with your baby, you’ll be able to go home that same day. Your midwife will then come to your house to check on you and provide you with postpartum care. This service allows your baby to avoid having to go out in public too soon, and you’ll find it more convenient for your recovery to have someone visit you where you can rest in your own bed.

You Can Avoid Interventions

Hospital births often involve invasive interventions that you might prefer to avoid. For example, episiotomies are common in hospital environments. With a midwife, you can ask them to avoid having to do one, and you can also opt out of having to have an IV placed on your arm unless you really need it.

Choosing the right person and place to help you deliver your baby has a tremendous impact upon your health and comfort. You’ll remember welcoming your baby to the world for the rest of your life, and it is important to make sure that everything is set up just the way you prefer. Although many things can happen during labor and delivery, feeling confident about the person who guides you through the process means that you’ll feel more relaxed and happy as you get ready to meet your baby for the first time.

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