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The fashion industry has for many decades presented women who are unrealistic sizes, and they have showcased models that often starve themselves or use drugs to achieve the industry’s ideal weight and clothing size. The industry has perpetuated this lie to drive up their sales among rail-thin women by excluding their primary demographics. Today, it is time to stop this lie and allow women to love themselves regardless of their size or what the industry’s so-called experts say.

Struggling With Body Issues

When struggling with body issues, women consider ways to improve the way they look and often turn to cosmetic surgery. This doesn’t have to be negative if the woman is healthy and has chosen to go under the knife for themselves and not someone else. Women who try to meet the fashion ideals often starve themselves to meet their standards. This can lead to smaller breasts that don’t fulfill the needs or desires of the woman. Women may also sustain damage to their breasts and need surgical correction. Women can learn more about Breast Augmentation by Donaldson Plastic Surgery by setting up a consultation now.

Eating Disorders Encouraged by the Fashion Industry

By trying to live up to the fashion industry’s ideal body type, women may develop an eating disorder such as bulimia or anorexia, and these conditions cause detrimental effects on the body. Eating disorders can lead to heart disease, cardiac arrest, esophageal erosion, and several gastrointestinal disorders. The sad reality of trying to live up to these unrealistic fashion standards may lead to the hospitalization of women with eating disorders, or it could result in their death.

The Lasting Mental Effects of The Great Lie

The feeling of not being good enough is common among women when it comes to fashion’s ideals and their effects. Many women become depressed and commit self-harm because they feel unworthy as a human being because they cannot look like the models in fashion magazines or on the runway, and it has become a serious epidemic in which women are suffering from severe mental defects because the great lie perpetrated by the fashion industry. When in fact, beauty has nothing to do with size, and the so-called fashion experts fail to realize that their target demographic ranges over size 16.

Finding Ways to Rise Above It All

Self-love and acceptance of one’s self are the only ways to rise above the injustice caused by the notion that a person must be super skinny to be beautiful and loved. Many women these days have walked away from the fashion industry to become healthier and avoid the insanity of being on the inside. Many women throughout the world have discovered that the fashion industry doesn’t decide their worth, and they are rising above it all with greater self-respect.

Fighting for Inclusivity

Women throughout the world continue to fight for inclusivity in all things fashion for every body type. Some fashion designers are listening and providing a new way to showcase their clothing without making women who are not rail-thin feel included and appreciated by these designers.

The great lie of the fashion industry indicates that women are only beautiful and worthy if they are rail-thin and appear to be unhealthy. With several movements, women have continued to fight to end this injustice and give women the great gift of self-love and eliminate negative thoughts and trauma caused by this incredible and harmful lie.

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