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Your family cat may appear to be happy and healthy, but until you have walked in a cat’s paws, you really don’t know. Cats have natural instincts that need to be recognized and accepted. This can be a little tricky when Fluffy is forced to live indoors. You can feed your cat the healthiest food, get regular shots and provide a cozy environment, but the following tips will make for a healthy and happy family cat in 2021.

Outside Views

Cats will never lose the urge to chase smaller critters. They are natural born hunters like their wildcat predecessors. Build a window seat or place a couch under a window so your kitties can watch the birds and small creatures outside. Knowing that they are still a part of nature can bring happiness to their soul.

Know Signs of Distress

Cats cannot communicate to humans when they are not feeling well. There are certain signs that should be taken seriously to know when your pet is becoming ill. Here are a few indications that kitty has an underlying medical problem that needs treatment by a veterinarian.

  • Sudden itching or hair loss
  • Diarrhea or problems urinating
  • Bumps or scabs on skin
  • Changes in appetite
  • Vomiting or sudden weakness

Always keep a bowl filled with fresh water for your cat. Cats drink a lot of water and need to keep their systems flushed out to promote good health.

Create Toys

It doesn’t take much for a cat to find enjoyment from items that can be batted around. Ice cubes, anything fuzzy and cardboard boxes will give them mental and physical stimulation. Keep a corner of a room filled with objects that your cat is drawn to. They will be able to play to their heart’s content with a wide assortment. Lights and noise are also a welcome part of their play time.


Staying indoors can limit your cat to running and jumping. There are types of products that are designed to keep your cat active. A Cat Scratcher Lounge provides hours of stimulation for keeping those natural instincts satisfied. Scratching, climbing and lounging are 3 of your cat’s favorite sports that can be satisfied. It will also draw kitty away from furniture.

Special Treats

Instead of feeding your cat treats that may contain unhealthy ingredients, treat them to a small dose of catnip. Catnip is a natural plant from the mint family that releases an oil called nepetalactone that creates a type of pheromone in cats. It is harmless and euphoric for a short period of time. A few leaves will bring them joy as they rub against it and smell the enticing aroma.


Your cat may seem happy being alone, but they are social animals. Bringing in a partner to share the day will keep them busy with exercise, running and jumping with another. It may take a period of adjustment for 2 cats to become acquainted with one another, but once the newness is accepted, they will become inseparable. Your local animal shelter is the perfect place for finding a loving cat to adopt.

Always Spay and Neuter

This is not a cruel act for cats. It will calm them down from the need to be outside where their hormones will race. They will feel more stress-free and content with indoor life as well. The need to go outside and find a mate will decrease and you won’t have to worry as much about them racing toward an open door.

Love your Cat

Cats love interaction from humans, especially family members. Stroke and play with your kitty on a daily basis to make him/her feel like part of the household. Some cats may seem stand-offish, but they all recognize the emotion of love. Talking quietly can also calm any negative issues your cat may be experiencing.

Final Thoughts

Domesticated cats may come from a long line of outdoor hunters, but have the desire to be cared for and loved by their owners. Never think that your cat is happier to be outdoors to fend for itself against predators and hunting for food. Humans have introduced them to the indoors and cats are quite happy with this.

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