As your parents enter their golden years, they may require more care and assistance. One of the bigger decisions to make will be where they will live, especially if they need help with medical needs or chronic health issues. Here are a few tips to assist in transitioning your elderly parents to a senior care community when the decision is made that it will be their new home.

Personalize Their New Living Area

As parents move into a new senior living community, it helps when family members bring photos and other mementos as reminders of fun family times. Favorite framed artwork from their former home as well as a comfortable recliner, if permitted, help to recreate a sense of home and permanency. A beloved coffee cup or silk flower arrangement enhances the familiarity of the new residence.

Be Accessible

Depending on your parents’ ages, health, and inclination to move into a senior living community, they may depend on you to help them become familiar with the new setting. One or both parents might prefer to have you explain certain things to them about the new place or ask staff about some of the policies or procedures. Most aging parents like to stay in touch with adult children by phone, social media, or occasional visits. Let them know you are readily available if needed and for get-togethers.

Liaison with Staff

Introduce yourself to the employees who help to look after the senior residents, including your parents. Offer helpful information about your parents’ specific needs or concerns and answer questions they may have while getting used to your parents. The staff may coordinate updates with the doctor who cares for your parents, and you might want to participate in those meetings as well to ensure your parents receive comprehensive, accurate care.

Provide Supplemental Support

Although many senior communities typically provide all levels of care and support for elderly residents, they and your parents will appreciate any support that you can offer. Taking one or both parents to a doctor’s visit, discussing legal and medical issues with your parents, and spending quality time with them around the holidays is a great way to help out the staff who may be extra busy at certain times. Your parents will appreciate you being around to help out at times when they might otherwise feel neglected.

These tips can help parents adjust to their new living arrangement with the help of caring and involved adult children.