When you purchase eco-friendly products, you are creating a better world for your child because you are eliminating unneeded waste from the planet. More parents need to take responsibility for the waste that they can create when it comes to the care of their children. While it is true that buying eco-friendly products can be more expensive than other traditional options, eco-friendly products last longer and are non-toxic. That being the case, the following is a list of five eco-friendly baby products that you might want to consider adding to your eco-friendly lifestyle.

Cloth Diapers

Regular diapers are extremely toxic. Not only do they expose your baby to harmful materials, but they are also harmful to the planet. Standard diapers are made of plastic material that does not easily decompose. Cloth diapers are reusable and are more affordable than plastic diapers in several ways. Cloth diapers have two layers and they are generally made with cotton, hemp, Minky, fleece, or wool. It is wise to do your own research if you are looking for cloth diapers. There are a plethora of brands available, and you want to get the one that fits best with your baby and your lifestyle.

Non-Toxic Play Mats

Playtime is very important for your baby. When your baby is playing, he or she begins to better understand the world. Apart from that, your baby can strengthen his or her neck muscles and learn to crawl. Your baby will be spending large amounts of time on the playmat. When your baby is on the mat, it will be touching every part of its body as well. You do not want your baby to put its hand in its mouth after touching a mat that is covered with toxins and allergens. Instead of exposing your baby to unneeded toxins, you can choose to invest in non-toxic play mats. These playmats give your baby a safe indoor play zone where he or she can play and explore.

Natural Glass Bottles

If you are a parent who tries to avoid the use of plastic then you may want to invest in glass bottles. Glass bottles are perfect for mothers who use breast milk or for mothers who use formula. These bottles are made from thermal and shock-resistant materials which makes them much more difficult to break.

A Wooden Teether

Most teethers are made from thick plastic. If you are an eco-friendly mom, you probably don’t want to add any extra plastic to your home. Apart from that, you would never want your baby to have to put toxic plastic and dyes into its mouth. Instead of giving your baby a plastic teething ring, give your baby a wooden one. A wooden teething ring is conditioned with natural oils and beeswax so that your baby can get relief from sore gums without having to chew on toxic plastic.

Organic Baby Cream and Skin Products

Diaper rash can be a common problem for babies. If you were to buy cream for diaper rash from the pharmacy, the cream would be full of chemicals and toxins that you do not want on your baby’s skin. You do well to find natural and organic creams that will soothe your baby’s rash without all of the additives. Apart from cream for diaper rash, why not purchase natural shampoos, soaps, and lotions for your child? Since your child’s skin is the largest organ on its body, you do well to use organic gentle products that will not irritate your child’s skin.