A roof covered in snow.

Discovering a leak in your roof as a homeowner can be extremely devastating, especially as roof damage, leaks, repairs, and replacements are some of the most pricy expenses a homeowner is likely to encounter. If you find a leak in your roof, there are a few things you can do to mitigate as much damage as you can.

Stop Immediate Leaks

Whenever there is a roof leak, stopping the leak immediately is imperative. Stop any leak you have in your home’s roof or in any location quickly and effectively. If it is possible to stop your roof leak with an exterior covering, do so until you are able to receive professional help. Place a tarp below your roof where it is leaking along with containers or buckets to prevent water seepage throughout your home’s attic or on your flooring.

Contain and Remove Water

Contain the water with buckets as well as a tarp while waiting for professional assistance to arrive. Do not let rainwater overflow or flood your attic, as the water itself may rot the flooring or cause mold to develop, which will lead to even more costly repairs and replacements.

Call on Professionals

Call on professionals who specialize in roof repair to help minimize additional damage from being done to your attic as well as the interior and exterior of your roof itself. Professionals who specialize in roof repair and replacements can help to better assess and minimize the damage being done to your roof with individual shingle repairs, replacements, or an entire reworking of your current roof.

Take Care of Insurance Claims ASAP

Upon discovering a problem leak in your home’s roof, it is essential to take photographic and video evidence of both the interior and exterior of your roof as well as surrounding areas. If there has been additional property and belonging damage, it is important to document this with photos and video media.

Using photographic and video media will come in handy when filing an insurance claim. Contact your homeowner’s insurance provider immediately upon discovering a flood in your home to file your claim along with the evidence and photographs you have collected.

Knowing what to do when you discover a roof leak is essential as a new or experienced homeowner. The more prepared you are for a potential roof leak, the less likely you are to waste time or skip important steps necessary to preserve and protect your roof and the remainder of your home as much as possible.