Everyone loves a brightly lit, welcoming home, but the cost of illuminating your space can be too much to handle. During the holiday season, electricity bills skyrocket even further as people spend more time indoors and add outdoor lights and Christmas trees into the mix. If you want to keep your house bright without having to pay a fortune, here are three easy ways you can affordably improve your home’s lighting.


Candles are affordable, relaxing, and come in such a wide variety of sizes and scents that it’s impossible not to find one you like. There are even wood wick candles that replicate the sound of a crackling fire. If you would prefer to keep candles lit for long periods of time at night, then you might consider LED candles, which use batteries and simulate a flickering flame without posing any fire hazard.

Energy-Efficient Lighting

LED bulbs last for 25,000 hours on average, which is far more than incandescent bulbs, and they bear a low price point that makes them easy to install throughout the home. In addition to producing a broader spectrum, LED lighting also produces much less heat and the bulbs are recyclable. You’ll likely be able to keep yours for eight to 10 years, so investing in them and their potential savings is a worthwhile endeavor.

You can also buy smart LED bulbs that connect to your Wi-Fi via Bluetooth technology. Using an app on your smartphone, you’ll be able to change the lighting color, set it on a timer, and operate lights from different rooms.

Use Timers

Programmable light timers and switches will stop lights from running too long in empty rooms; they can also be set to run on porch lights and other outdoor lights to ensure they aren’t accidentally left running for a day or more. If you know your way around home electrical repairs, you can install a timer yourself. If not, then it’s an affordable service from your local electrical company that can have you saving more money every month on lighting expenses.

Turning your lights off or switching to non-electrical alternatives will help you save more money every month without having to compromise comfort or convenience. You may even find that you can create a more cozy atmosphere in your home by using alternative lighting, such as candles and luminaries. Play around and experiment, you’re bound to find an arrangement that makes your home more eco-friendly and efficient.

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