Why You Should Choose Ccell Over Other CBD Vapes

If you are a seasoned vape veteran, then you must have wondered why the CCELL Cartridge is creating so much fuss among the enthusiasts of vaporizers. Even though this item is relatively new to us, the CCELL cartridge has a number of unique features that are setting it apart from its vape counterparts. Granted, you’d be better off using this vape than the others no matter how much you love them. If you don’t believe me, then check out this detailed list containing the top reasons why you should choose CCELL over other CBD vapes.

It’s the ideal size for someone who values discretion

CCELL vapes are specially designed to allow you to vaporize on the go regardless of where you are. There are many options you can choose that let you enjoy your CBD oil discreetly, including Palm, Silo, and Dart. For instance, the CCELL Palm has a slim and square shape that makes it ideal for small pockets. On the other hand, Silo has a nice, round shape. It is narrower than a palm, making it even easier to use inconspicuously. As you may already know, the market is filled with chunky devices that make it difficult to use on the go. Some even barely fit our standard-sized pockets, bags, or purses. Many of these products’ manufacturers don’t consider portability and ease-of-use while coming up with their designs. This is one of the biggest reasons why I’d recommend CCELL vapes to anyone.

It makes it easy to vaporize CBD oils

We both know that cannabis oils are vicious and sticky in nature, and that makes them quite difficult to vaporize compared to other liquids. In response to the demand for a better product, different professionals came together and created the CCELL vaporizer, a product that makes it easy to vaporize CBD oils.

No wicks

One of the things you must hate about the regular vapes is the burning that occurs when the wicks become overly hot in one spot. CCELL vaporizers contain ceramic heating elements that offer more uniform heating owing to a very effective embedded coil that they come with. Besides experiencing incredibly consistent puffs, CCELL vaporizers ensure that every puff is as comfortable as possible. You literally don’t need to spend your first couple of pulls prepping the pump or warming up your cart. Unlike traditional vapes, the CCELL vaporizers allow you to start strong and finish the same way.

It ensures the puffs are consistent

Another reason why you should choose CCELL vapes over the traditional products is the fact that CCELL’s heating method makes sure that the taste and potency is consistent in all the puffs. In other words, CCELL vapes ensure every last bit of oil contains the same amazing flavor and vaping experience as the first one. This alone makes CCELL vaping more enjoyable.

It gives out more vapor

If your vaporizer is not giving as much vapor as you want, then you should consider switching to authentic CCELL vapes. Since these vaporizers use advanced heating elements, you can expect to puff out a large cloud and exhale larger quantities of vapor than usual. All those tinny, tasteless plumes will be a thing of the past as soon as you get your first real vaporizer.

CCELL’S ceramic heating elements are basically designed with a perfect ratio of the nanoscale inlet holes that make them a lot more permeable to CBD oil than other products on the market. Improved permeability simply means that the heating elements can efficiently absorb and vaporize the substances very efficiently. Compared to the other products on the market, CCELL vaporizers are the best help in creating an offer in compromise.

It is easy to assemble

CCELL cartridges are some of the easiest vapes to assemble. For instance, if you’re using CCELL palm, all you need to do is place the cartridge in the groove and allow the battery to connect at the base magnetically. After that, your job will be to inhale. You won’t see any buttons there to switch on the device.

In light of these points, you can see why CCELL cartridges have been getting more popular by the day. In summary, you should always choose CCELL over other CBD vapes because:

  • They are more discreet
  • They make it easy to vaporize CBD oils
  • They don’t have wicks
  • They the puffs are consistent
  • They give out more vapor
  • They are easy to assemble