During the colder months, it’s much easier for your entire family to get sick. When you have a family to take care of, you know that when one gets sick, the whole family eventually gets sick. In order to make sure your children remain safe, healthy, and warm throughout the season, consider some of the following ideas.

Change the Window Treatments

If you haven’t already made the investment in an energy-efficient window upgrade, place that on your to-do list. In the meantime, invest in the quality of your window treatments. Start with layers. You can hang blinds if that’s your preference, but hang curtains on top of those blinds. Make sure that your curtains are made of a thicker material. It’ll serve as a line of defense from the cold.

Check on the HVAC Unit

Take a look at your HVAC unit. If you need to upgrade it or schedule a water heater installation, know the details of what services you’ll need. If you simply need to change the air filters, don’t procrastinate on this, as filters directly impact the air quality as well as the amount of heat that’s circulated correctly.

Provide Layers

When your children head to bed, dress them in warm fabrics like fleece, flannel and cotton. Provide extra layers and blankets they can use as they go to bed each night. Give them comfortable socks or slippers to wear around the house for extra warmth. If your floors aren’t carpeted, consider adding rugs for extra padding and comfort. If your children are going to spend time relaxing in an area like the family room, make sure there are a few warm throw blankets they can use to feel cozy.

Uncover Vents

If you have furniture that’s covering specific vents, it’s time to shift everything around. Your vents need to have a clear opening in order to help the warm air circulate properly. Sometimes, it’s as easy as moving a couch a few inches forward in order to expose the vent. Make sure you know where all of the vents are and that they’re all open.

While chicken soup and hot cocoa will be nice for making sure everyone’s insides remain warm and toasty, these four tips are excellent ways to make sure your surroundings remain warm. After all, when you enter your home, you should feel a marked difference between the two temperatures. Thankfully, when you use these tips correctly, you won’t have to deal with a major increase in your electric bill each month.

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