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Are you thinking about traveling with your family this Christmas? Are you having difficulties choosing a destination? Worry no further because this article provides the ideal solution. Choose from any of the four destinations mentioned below.


Also known as the Golden State. California has the best spots for a family vacation. The Redwood National and State Parks is an excellent place to start your family vacation. They have a scavenger hunt that you can enjoy with your kids. Experience the world’s tallest sequoia trees as you search for hidden treasures. You earn unique patches for completing the scavenger hunt. You can keep the patches as souvenirs to remember that vacation.

Sticking with the great outdoors theme, you and your family can go to the Kern River for water activities. Try Kern river rafting with Sierra South. They have great packages for families. The company has over three decades of experience and owns the largest rafting store in Southern California. Therefore, you know finding supplies won’t be a problem. This family-owned business also offers rafting and kayaking lessons to newbies. Sierra South has trained instructors and guides to help you go anywhere you want on Kern River.

Before you leave California, you must visit Santa Barbara to experience art and culture. Your kids will love the art and maritime museums. You can also take them for pier fishing at the harbor. You can also go to the zoo to see giraffes, gorillas, leopards, foxes, flamingoes, and other exciting animals.


When you think about Texas, you remember the cowboy movies you watched as a child. But this state can offer so much more. However, for the sake of history, we’ll talk about experiencing life as a real cowboy. The most favorable place for you and your family to learn about cowboys is Bandera. This small town has private ranches offering accommodation services. The owners of the ranches can give you a tour of their farm and have you and your kids saddled and ready to watch over cows. You’ll learn how to manage cows and prevent some from leaving the pack. If you have an adolescent daughter or son, this can be an excellent activity for them.

Next, take your kids to Dinosaur Valley State Park to see dinosaur footprints and track them. The footprints are believed to be from two species: Acrocanthosaurus and Sauroposeidon. The rangers will give you and your kids a brief history of these dinosaurs. They’ll show you bones of the remains found there. Then, they’ll provide you with instructions on how to conduct yourselves during the tracking exercise.


This list would be incomplete without mentioning Hawaii. This beautiful state has the loveliest beaches in the world. Oahu Island offers a vast range of activities for you and your family. You can spend the day at the spa while your kids have fun at the pool. When you’re done, you can go surfing with your kids. If you’re an experienced surfer, you can teach them the basics. If you’re new to the sport, there will be guides ready to assist you. Hawaii has the best surfing waves in the world; therefore, don’t leave without considering the sport.

Hawaii is also home to mountains and active volcanoes. Rent a car and explore the island with your family. Hike to the top of the mountains and enjoy the view from above. Learn about Hawaiian culture and eat the local delicacy.

To conclude, Hawaii, California, and Texas are excellent for a family vacation. There are a lot of activities for everybody to enjoy and a lot of things to learn. We hope you enjoy yourselves.


Most people probably do not immediately think of Louisiana when they are planning a vacation for the whole family, but Louisiana is a state filled with cultures, history, and beauty. If your family enjoys the outdoors, you can spend some a weekend at Louisiana State Park camping. If the city is more your scene, head to New Orleans for plenty of food and entertainment. Louisiana’s climate makes it a great option for visiting year-round. 

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