In a gift-giving world that often seems to settle for gift cards or cash, you can easily stand out by starting your shopping early and taking your time with your gifts. There are perhaps no gifts that will be more treasured by their recipients than useful and well-made personalized gifts. With so many options available, though, you may be wondering where to start. For even the pickiest individuals, these personalized gifts are sure to be well-received.

Entry Mat

Although generic entry mats can be nice, there’s nothing as welcoming as a personalized entry mat. By using some detail from the recipient’s life, you can create a unique gift that they’re sure to use frequently. For safety purposes, it’s generally best not to use the first name of the recipient. However, last names, special dates, and other unique details are totally fine.


In many ways, writing a handwritten note is a lost art. One way to revive this lost art is to make it more fun for people to do. For many people, personalized stationery can accomplish this goal. By giving the recipient personalized note pads, for example, you can help encourage them to write notes to others, organize their thoughts in a list, or simply write down important ideas that they don’t want to forget.


While most people have at least a small jewelry collection, there’s still something remarkable about receiving a unique, personalized piece from someone special. Personalized jewelry, of course, doesn’t have to be limited to something that’s written on the jewelry. You can incorporate favorite colors, birthstones, and a variety of other personalized characteristics to make a piece of jewelry that will be cherished for years.

Kitchen Accessories

Personalized kitchen accessories are appealing because you can be sure that they’ll get a lot of use by the recipient. For example, a personalized spoon rest is likely to be used whenever the recipient is whipping something up in their kitchen. To take the personalization a step further, you can enlist the assistance of a local potter to make a one-of-a-kind piece in colors that match the décor of the recipient’s home.

Know the Recipient

As with any gift, it’s important to take the time to know the recipient before looking into personalized gifts. After all, once a gift is personalized, its intrinsic value tends to be reduced, meaning the recipient will have fewer options to pass along the gift if they don’t find it useful. By doing your homework, though, you can spot needs in the recipient’s life so that you can be sure to hit a home run.