Basement flooding can be a stressful experience. It can weaken your basement, flood away your belongings, and also cause severe injuries to your household. In this case, you need to keep your basement dry to avoid unforeseen circumstances. Here is what to do.

Keep a Close Eye on the Gutters and Downspouts

Ensure you clean your gutters and downspouts often while also observing close maintenance. Remove all debris and ensure the downspouts stay in an appropriate position far from the foundation of your home.

This enables water from the foundation to flow away from your home with ease. For the best results, use downspouts troughs or extensions and make it at least two to three feet away from the foundation.

Landscape Your Yard Appropriately

There are high chances of flooding in your basement when there is a slope in your yard or flower bed. Ensure the yard directs water away from your home to avoid water pile-up on your property.

In this case, check out the slope of your yard and the overall landscaping and ensure that you regrade your lawn to allow easy water flow. In some cases, you may even need to install a French drain for better results.

Repair All Cracks in the Foundation

Cracks create an open channel for water intrusion in the foundation of your home. Ensure you keep a close eye on your foundation and identify basement flooding and water damage possibilities. If you notice cracks, repair the area as soon as possible to avoid severe issues that can cause you to incur higher repair costs.

Carry Out a Sump Pump Maintenance

Most basements experience flooding due to sump pump failure. A functional sump pump combats mold and prevents flooding in the basement. However, the pump needs close maintenance to keep it functional.

Therefore, monitor your sump pump and ensure it’s working correctly. It’d be best to purchase a generator to keep the sump pump working if there is a power outage.

Keep All Septic Systems Clean

Closely monitor the septic system and ensure you keep it clean throughout. When you fail to inspect and clean your septic system, it makes your home vulnerable to basement flooding due to sewer backups and overflows.

Protect the Windows With Well Covers

If your home has basement windows, ensure you protect them with window well covers. This acts as a good waterproof for the basements. Ensure you fasten the covers over your basement for the best results. To brighten up the basement, go for acrylic window well covers.

It’s never easy to own a home. Much as you enjoy the comfort that comes with being a homeowner, its maintenance can derail your energy, especially when you’re not conversant with what it takes to keep every area of your home functional. The tips above will help prevent basement flooding and give you a peaceful stay on your property.