There is little denying that business is being carried out on an increasingly global scale at the moment. To make sure that you’re capitalizing on this, read on to discover some tips, as well as looking at some different languages.

It’s Important To Be Specific 

When you’re working with precious documents that are business-related or your company’s website design, they have to be handled with care and precaution. Here’s why translation work is of utmost importance. 

Translation is a serious business. Sometimes translation saves your business from financial ruin – and at other times the wrong word can be potentially fatal. Over 30 years ago, in the United States of America, Willie Ramirez fell into a life-changing situation due to bad translation. He was sadly rushed all the way to hospital in Florida whilst in a comatose state, unable to speak and translate for himself. His family instead tried to inform the doctors of his condition but they didn’t know the English language well enough to translate and could only speak Spanish to the staff. 

One staff member translated the word “intoxicado” as “intoxicated” though due to confusion, the staff member believed that he was intoxicated – though the unfortunate reality of it was that he suffering from a brain hemorrhage, though he suffered from similar symptoms of those who are poisoned from intoxicants. Mr. Ramirez then had treatment for something he didn’t actually have, and due to the delay in treatment he was left quadriplegic. The entire issue derived from bad translation. 

Document translation writers offer something extremely important in the modern world where communication is so crucial. Whether you need a quality translation that could potentially save your business or another piece of professional and important paperwork, don’t delay hiring translation services.  

Struggling To Learn German? 

German is one of the hardest languages to learn as an English speaker – so it’s not easy by any stretch of the imagination. And here’s why it’s so difficult to translate. 

You needed a one-off document translated to German, and you thought you’d translate it on your own. After all, there are many books out there that can supposedly teach you how to become fluent in a week. After not too long – a matter of hours in fact – you found out that it takes a long time to get past the basics. You also quickly learned that speaking it is a lot different from actually writing in it, and particularly in German. 

Firstly, there are the unintelligibly long and winding words that seem impossible for anyone to get their head around. Take freundschaftsbezeigungen or nacktschnecke for example. Secondly, it’s an extremely descriptive language and many of the translations are very literal which is often confusing for English speakers apart from those who work in translation services. The aforementioned ‘nacktschnecke’ means ‘naked snail’ in German, which is otherwise known as a slug. Basically, the German language is nothing but basic – it’s complex in nature and you can’t do it all by yourself. 

Only by hiring a professional translator who can offer a quality translation service will you be able to convert one language to German with efficiency and precision. After all, an important document needs to be treated as such, so the wording has to be perfect. That’s when professional document translation comes in. 

Thai Document Translation Can Help Your Business

As it’s a newly industrialized country with many areas of economical expertise, why not tap into it? Here’s why your paperwork should receive a Thai translation. 

Thai is spoken almost exclusively in Thailand – though there are sixty million people (and counting) who speak and write in Thai. There are many differences in the way that it’s spoken and the way it’s written, seeing as the Thai language uses a different alphabet. Otherwise known as a script, they use special characters as a form of written language. This means that interpreters and translators have to be extremely proficient in Thai due to this difference. Though it is in your interest to seek translation services that can change your documents from any language into Thai. 

Firstly, Thailand has a booming tourist sector – and with good reason too due to the warm climate. So if your business is in any way to do with tourism or travel then translation will help you to reach a whole new population of interested readers and potential customers. Secondly, Thailand is home to a growing electronics and manufacturing industry. Electronics is actually Thailand’s largest export sector and is the world’s second-largest maker of hard disk drives for computers. So if your business is in the electronics trade, then document translation will help bolster your company’s presence. Don’t be put off by Thai script as by hiring professional translation the team will be able to work through problems with ease.

French Document Translation Tips 

French document translation is a hard translation process for those that don’t know how. Though in fact, a large proportion of English words and phrases which we think are stereotypically English are actually of French origin. Here are some tips and tricks on the art of English to French translation. 

French is a global language that’s spoken around the world. From Monaco to Canada and Belgium to Switzerland and even France itself, it’s a primary first language for millions of citizens, and a secondary one for those offering services for document translation. Seeing as there are historical and cultural links between England and France, many English-speaking students learn to speak basic French while at school. Therefore, French has been ingrained into our use of language from a very young age. Especially as many common words that we use in speech and in written documents are quintessentially French, whether we realize it or not. For instance, there’s the noun déjà vu which has a definition of one feeling as if they already experienced a present situation. The notion could be felt whilst sitting down at a restaurant or a café – both words of which are inherently French. Then there are the types of food that can be eaten at the restaurant – olives, omelette, pate – all of which are traditional French words too. So whether you know it or not, we use a lot of French when speaking and writing English. Though if your skills are rusty and you need to employ translation services, then get a professional company to do the translation work.