Interior of living room with houseplants

Buying your first home is a big milestone in life. The next step in the process is of course to furnish it in order to not only make it a house to live in but also a home of your own. As a result, to combine these two needs into one, many of your first furniture choices will naturally serve pragmatic purposes. However, it is important to choose furniture items that are sufficient in both the short and long term and that can spruce up your new home but also last for a long time as you break it in. With these factors in mind, the following are some of the best-suggested furniture items for your very first home.


Considering that you will end up spending about a third of each day in bed, finding a bed that is both comfortable as well as well built is a must for your first home. It is worth keeping in mind that the costliest bed will not necessarily end up being the best one, so choosing the best quality bed, one that can last around a decade or longer, at a price you can afford is the ideal option for first-time homeowners. 

If a good quality bed is too much of an investment, for the time being, an air bed can be a good short-term investment to last you until it’s time to buy a proper bed, after which the air bed can always go to a guest or other room or storage. Proper firmness, surface, and size are some of the important parameters to think about when buying a bed as a first-time homeowner.

Dining Tables & Chairs

Considering that life in a new home will involve sitting and eating, preferably somewhere other than the floor or bed, a dining table is another important piece of furniture in Lawton Ok, and elsewhere for new homeowners. The majority of dining tables tend to be rectangular or round in shape, but one that is round or square that can extend to seat more people is a better place to start. Prior to purchasing this, however, a plywood tabletop atop a solid base covered in a decorative tablecloth that reaches the floor might be a logical investment. 

Dining chairs that add color and liveliness to the dining area yet are comfortable enough for long visits or dinners with your friends and family are a must as well. Wooden chairs tend to cost less, while upholstered ones tend to provide a greater level of comfort. Putting a slipcover over the latter can provide a suitable seasonal look, while luxurious armchairs can be moved to the living room to provide additional seating when needed.


Sofas vary widely in cost and style, and, apart from your bed, will serve as the most important upholstered furniture piece in your new home. While it is fine to be economical in your choice of sofa, it’s important not to settle for less than a solid hardwood frame with eight-way hand-tied springs and durable yet attractive fabric. Cushions with loose backs give off a casual look while those with tight backs need less adjustment and maintenance.

Armoires & Ottomans

An armoire is a versatile bit of furniture that can fulfill many purposes, such as providing storage and organization for clothes and otherwise out of place household items while adding a bit of elegance and refinement to any part of the household. A smaller drawer chest that is both versatile and classic can be useful for particular rooms and store items particular to those rooms. 

Interesting tables can be found at estate sales, or new ones can be purchased all together, then moved around a room for eating or storage, with sets of smaller tables serving as impromptu coffee tables or storage spaces when nested together. Metal, wood, and glass make compelling materials. Ottomans, which are upholstered stools, also function similarly, with the added bonus of being a comfortable footrest, provided a sturdy leather or other fabric is used.

Once you have bought your very first home, an auspicious occasion to be sure, the task of furnishing it can be a daunting one. Nonetheless, while choices abound, some simple tips and intuition can make the task more organic and seamless to help you feel more at home.

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