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Many families and couples enjoy the same holiday traditions every year, with many of these being carried down by their parents and loved ones. However, if you want to make Christmas 2020 stand out from all of the other years, here are some of the top Christmas traditions that you should consider starting with your family. 

Donate to Charity

Although most people are focused on sharing love and good cheer with their families throughout the Christmas season, you should also look outside of your family and try to bring the joy of Christmas to the people that need it most. By saving some of your holiday budget to give to those in need, you will be starting a worthwhile tradition that has meaning all the year round, and can help your family to reflect on what they have. If you are looking for fun ways to make holiday donations this year, you should consider gifting money on your relative’s behalf rather than giving them a gift. 

Make Your Own Christmas Cards

Christmas should be a personal event, one which you spend showing your family just how much you care about them. Many people use Christmas cards to share the Christmas spirit. However, shop-bought cards are often expensive and impersonal. To make sure that you can add a customized touch to your cards and make your loved ones feel extra special, you should start the tradition of making your own cards. You could even deliver them by hand, where possible, which will give you a chance to see the people you care about before the big day. 

Give Gifts on Christmas Eve

Although Christmas day has traditionally been the day for giving and receiving, Christmas Eve is becoming a more popular day to give small gifts that your loved ones can enjoy throughout the season. For instance, many people gift matching pajamas for Christmas night, or seasonal soaps for an evening bath. For kids, you might also gift them a Christmas-themed book for their bedtime story, and other items to keep them entertained until the next morning. You might also consider trying out the traditions of other countries. For instance, in Iceland, it is traditional to give books on the night before Christmas and spend the evening reading them together in what is known as Jolabokaflod.

Santa Was Here

If you have kids, there are an endless amount of Christmas traditions that you can enjoy with them, especially in terms of St Nick. Why not make the day even more magical by putting food out for his reindeer, or showing your kid the magical, glittery footprints that track his progress through your home? You could also design signs to show Santa where to land, and even encourage your kid to write a letter to the North Pole. Your child might even get a reply from the man himself. This can help your kid to fully immerse themselves in the magic of Christmas and can make sure that the fun lasts for a long time after the last present has been opened.