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Running your own business is not just about making sure that the accounts add up and you are making money; there are some potentially fun opportunities involved. You will probably, for instance, at some point have to host a business event. This might be on a fairly regular basis for new product launches, or as an annual celebration to thanks clients for their custom and to provide them with a recap and update of what to expect coming up. Though the thought of planning a business event can be overwhelming, it is important to have a bit of fun as well. Read on to discover how to host the perfect event for your business.

Appeal to your guests

Who you are inviting to your event will have a huge impact on its overall tone. A sales conference or new product launch, directed towards current clients and sales teams, is likely to be more formal, perhaps even corporate, in nature. An event celebrating your business to draw more customers in, on the other hand, might be a bit more relaxed. To find guests for your event, go through your accounts and identify your customers, giving special attention to those who have built up a good relationship with your business. Or, you could create customer profiles to identify new demographics of potential customers to invite to your event.

Book catering and bartending

You will be too busy with the business side of things to prepare and serve the drinks and food. Organizing catering and Event Bartenders will remove this responsibility, allowing you to concentrate on networking with your guests. Make sure that your menu offers a range of food to satisfy all tastes and dietary requirements – you don’t want to suffer the embarrassment of having no vegetarian options available for a key client who doesn’t eat meat. You might also like to decide how much alcohol you will provide. Most people would appreciate a glass of wine to relax with whilst networking, but an open bar can quickly become messy, so is best left to more informal events.

Organize sales materials 

Most business events provide the guests with a goody bag to take away with them that might include small promotional gifts, prototypes of new products, new catalogues, and other sales materials. Plan what your goody bag will include and organize its contents well ahead of the event – certain items can take a while to produce. For branded promotional gifts, you might decide to keep it classic with a pen and notebook set – particularly useful if your event involves presentations that guest might want to take notes of – or a branded mug. Or why not think outside the box and gift guests with something unique that they will be excited to receive? For instance, an attractive glass paperweight for their desks, or a stress-relieving artisanal candle created, especially for the event. Unique gifts will hold more value for your guests than generic ones.