Your face is the mirror of your being. In order to help your true radiance shine through, you may benefit from visiting a medical spa. A medical spa is a mix between a day spa and a medical office. It operates under the oversight of a licensed physician. For first time visitors, here are a few things to expect.

Checking in and Your Consultation

Expect to spend at least a few minutes checking in to the medspa. You will need to complete paperwork, provide identification, and fill out a questionnaire that is similar to the one you would fill out when visiting a medical clinic. Expect to answer questions about your medical history, overall health, allergies, and cosmetic concerns. You may also need to sign forms relating to patient privacy rights and consent.

Some medical spas allow you to have your consultation and treatment during the same appointment. Others require these to be done on two separate visits. It depends on the treatment you would like to have done and your needs.

Ambiance and Amenities

The ambiance of the med spa will depend on the branding and company. Expect a medical clinic that may have a few soft touches that are similar to a traditional spa, like relaxing music, inviting décor and furniture and refreshments.

A medical spa typically has the goal of helping a person achieve results that improve their appearance or address a cosmetic concern. If, for example, a person lives in Fort Collins, they would not necessarily expect a medical spa in Fort Collins to provide amenities like a sauna, pools, steam rooms, or showers. These types of amenities are provided at traditional spas to promote relaxation.

The Treatment Determines What You Need to Do

You can expect most med spas to have at least one nurse, an esthetician, and a doctor. However, this varies by med spa and the treatments that are performed at the medspa. Doctors typically administer fillers and injectables. A nurse may perform injections or laser treatments. Estheticians commonly perform light therapy, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and professional facials.

You are likely to receive a robe and slippers to change into if you visit a medical spa to have a chemical peel or facial. You may have to change into a paper gown like you would when visiting your physician if you are visiting the med spa for a pre-surgical consultation. You will not likely need to change your clothing if you visit the medspa for a filler or injectable treatment.

The services provided at med spas vary. Some offer popular facial treatments that include wrinkle reducers like Botox, dermal fillers, Hydrafacials, and Exilis Ultra. Some provide popular body treatments like laser hair removal, Exilis Body, and Ultrashape. And others provide treatments that allow your own body to restore and regenerate by focusing on wellness services.

You may have questions about tipping when visiting a medspa. It is common to pay a tip of between 15 and 20 percent for spa services that are performed by estheticians, massage therapists, and nail technicians. When it comes to medical services provided by a doctor or nurse, like injectables and laser treatments, it is not customary to give a tip.

Maintain the Results of Your Treatment

When visiting a med spa, you have access to services and products that are of higher intensity than those sold over-the-counter or provided at a day spa. The medical professionals and other trained individuals you work with will offer suggestions on how you can maintain the results of your treatment. They will also provide suggestions on when you should visit the medical spa again for follow-up care.

You can talk with the doctor or other professional you work with to create a customized beauty plan to help you address your cosmetic concerns. They have the tools available to improve the health of your skin, which leads to it looking more attractive and youthful.

Visiting a medical spa is about getting results. While you may enjoy a bit of relaxation and some of the amenities that are typically offered at a traditional spa, the main focus of a medical spa is to address concerns you have with your appearance and provide results. Treatments offered at a medical spa will help your true radiance shine through.