In the endless world of design, there are so many new trends that homeowners are trying to incorporate into their space. The problem is that many don’t really think about the functionality of their space. If you’ve noticed that your bedroom isn’t working for you, here are four functional upgrades that can remedy that problem.

Improve Your Mattress

Suppose you’ve noticed that you’re having trouble sleeping through the night. Your mattress may be to blame. If it hasn’t been replaced in the last 10 years, it’s time for an upgrade. There are many new mattress types out there to choose from that help to solve many of the common problems that people have. From creating a more supportive environment to keeping the mattress cool throughout the night, you have many options to choose from.

Install a Ceiling Fan

We’ve all been there. You lay in bed at night sweating and can’t seem to fall asleep. Installing ceiling fans is a great way to provide a gentle breeze onto your skin to cool you down. They can greatly accent the use of an air conditioner in the summertime to circulate the air. They can also provide an adequate level of white noise to calm your restless mind and allow you to fall asleep.

Upgrade to Amibent Lighting

The days of relying on your ceiling light or that bedside lamp are over. There have been many smart innovations in the ambient lighting field. You can now install overhead lighting that can provide you with an adequate amount of light to unwind in the evening. Many new light features have dimmer switches and multiple settings, so you can opt for softer lighting at night and brighter lighting in the morning hours.

Add Automatic Blackout Curtains

You might as well use technology to help you sleep better. Blackout curtains are becoming the new norm for many people as they work to shut out outside lights. Whether you live in the city or work third-shift, keeping outside light from coming in your bedroom window while you try to sleep is a necessity. You’ll want to purchase the automatic blackout curtains that allow for a set timer. You can set them to open when you need to get up in the morning. This way, you can wake up to the sun coming in your window instead of that annoying alarm.

There are many upgrades that you can perform to your bedroom to make it more functional. The above four are some of the easiest that an average homeowner can perform on a budget. We’re sure once you perform one of these upgrades, you’ll be making a list of the many more that you’ll want to do.

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