Healthcare is a vital sector of the economy and if you are looking to gain entry into a healthcare career then you should look into one of the careers in an area of healthcare that is continually growing. There are many different roles within the healthcare industry, and for many of these you will need to undergo specialist training. 

Here are five of the best healthcare jobs with the potential for growth. 

Home Health Aides

There is no denying the fact that people are living longer. There is a much larger community of elderly people living today than there have been in previous generations. As such, there need to be more people on hand to provide care and support as they need it. 

Home health aides help out those with problems with mobility. They help patients to get washed and dressed and make sure that they are fed. They may also help out by administering medicine. 

All of this is done from the patients home to ensure they are able to maintain as much of their independance as possible. 

Physician Assistant 

A physician assistant is able to diagnose and treat patients in a similar way as a doctor might. This is done under the supervision of a docter and in co-oordination with other healthcare professionals such as nurses. 

In recent years, there has been a major push for people to start seeking to get treatment away from hospitals. This, and the fact that there is an overall shortage of doctors means that there is actually a greater demand for physician assistants. 

To work in this role, you’ll need to have studied an appropriate master’s level qualification. 


The population is always growing. As long as there are babies being born, there will always be a call for midwives. The job involves helping pregnant women as they prepare to have their baby and when they are actually giving birth. 

To become a midwife, you will need to complete a master’s level degree in midwifery. You will also need to have a professional license to do this job too. 

Healthcare Insurance Broker 

One of the largest areas of healthcare, particularly in the United States, is the healthcare insurance. You could become an insurance broker or an ACA FMO agent so that you can sell insurance. 

Healthcare insurance is essential and you could be helping out others by making sure that they have the right cover in place in case they really need it. 

Physical Therapist 

Physical therapists, or PTs,are professionals who work in the healthcare sector and diagnose and treat people who have medical problems and injuries. These injuries often limit the patient’s ability to move or perform everyday tasks. As a physical therapist, your main goal should be to restore a patient’s functions, help them to manage their paun, and lower the chances of further injury or disability by administering physical therapy programs.To become a physical therapist, you will need to complete a doctorate. 

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