Winter is traditionally a time when your skin is under a lot of stress. The cold tends to make your skin dry and flaky and the fluctuations in temperatures that you’ll experience from bitter cold to the warm cosiness of home can damage your skin over time. On top of these usual stresses, you’re expected to wear a mask when you head to the store and these can cause spots and acne in your T-zone. As such, this is the time to create a responsible skincare regime to keep you healthy and looking great this winter. The five tips below will help you do just that. 

Face Washing

We’re washing our hands more than ever this year. That can only be a good thing, considering the amount of times we touch our face each and every day. But, during the winter months, you shouldn’t forget to wash your face, too, and with special soap and creams that have been dermatologically proven to be good on your head and face. 

The same can be said for your face mask. If you’re not washing your face mask each day, you’ll be slowly building up dry skin, oil, and germs on the inside of your mask, which will encourage the development of facial spots and acne. Wash your mask diligently, and always carry a spare in case you can’t wash your mask for a couple of days when traveling.

Creams and Medicines

If you’ve been suffering from bad skin for a while, it’s likely that you’ve tried a number of different creams, washes, rubs, and medicines in order to improve the state of your skin. Some may have worked, and others might have seemed to only make matters worse. This winter, irrespective of your attitude towards skin creams and treatments, you should invest in dermatologically assessed skincare products to protect and nourish dry skin.

Yes, you might have to keep trying products until you find one that suits you, but going without these creams will leave your skin flaky and dry and vulnerable to the risk of infections where you’ve developed sores and spots. Talk to your doctor, if necessary, to help you plan the ideal skincare regime with the perfect products to suit your skin.

Alternative Medicines

There are plenty of traditional or alternative skincare medicines to sample if you’re not having any luck with creams and treatments provided by modern medicine. Some of these have been proven to be incredibly effective. For example, CBD will help your skin remain soft and well-hydrated. It is one of the many benefits of taking a treatment with this relatively new alternative medicine.

Meanwhile, oils and ointments — many derived from natural sources just like CBD — have been shown to have a positive impact on the skin. If you’re keen to explore different sources of skincare solutions, search online for tips provided by health experts and well-being gurus to enhance your skin this winter.


Skin issues, including spots and acne, have been linked with high levels of stress. The chemicals released when your body is stressed and anxious, including adrenaline, can cause a sudden outbreak of spots in individuals of all ages. As such, a part of your skincare routine should involve reflecting on your stress levels and putting in place self-care rituals that you observe each day or week to reduce your stress and anxiety.

Of course, this is easier said than done for many people who find their mental health difficult to manage or maintain. But small acts like deciding to seek help in the form of medication or therapy, or taking a short course of CBT online, can help you get on top of your stress and take better care of your skin in the process.

Shaving Tips

The final tip for your skincare involves shaving. Whether you’re a man shaving your face each day, or a women shaving other parts of your body on a weekly basis, this is something that disrupts your skin and can cause distress if conducted without the proper equipment. Cuts, grazes, pimples, and spots can all emerge because of poor shaving practice.

This is an opportunity for you to reconsider how you shave. Are you using the best shaving products, or could you choose to wax instead of shaving? Indeed, do you need to shave at all? Establish a better relationship with shaving to protect your skin this winter.

Maintaining healthy skin this winter will require you to follow responsible and smart skincare tips, like those outlined above.