As the cold season approaches, homeowners have to rearrange their belongings to prepare for the season. Items used during summer need proper storage. You should store some items through winter because some of the things may not survive the cold season. After all, the cold may ruin them and create space for the items you’ll use during winter. 

The following are items you’ll need to store throughout winter:

Patio Furniture

Patio furniture is designed to remain outside. However, the cold weather could be harmful to your outdoor furniture, and so you’ll need to store it in a place where it will be safe from freezing. Doing this will make it last longer.

Camping Gear

You should store your camping gear during winter as camping activities are infrequent. Although some items like flashlights may be useful during winter, others like camping tents and sleeping bags need to be put away. It is always essential to clean and check for damage before storing them. If you have heavier equipment like ATVs or an RV, they will need to be stored as well. Find a company near you that offers RV storage during winter. 

Summer Clothing

It is crucial to store summer clothing throughout winter to protect them from being damaged by snow or ice and make room for heavy clothing like jumpers and boots; before storing them, clean and dry them to prevent molds and other damages.

Home Decor Items

It would be best to store home decors like those used on the 4th of July because they are not used during the off-season.

Garden Equipment

They include wheelbarrows, shovels, spades, and watering cans. When the cold weather sets in, store your garden tools because the heavy moisture during winter can damage them. Clean and oil them to avoid rusting.

Outdoor Toys

Such toys include; playhouse, kid’s pool, bikes, sandbox, and many more. If your basement doesn’t have enough space, consider hiring a storage space to keep these toys away from the cold.

Beach Materials

They include umbrellas, beach bags, beach tents, and chairs. These materials will no longer be in use since the summer season has come to an end. It would be best if you stored them because they take up a lot of space.


Grills can be affected by cold weather. As winter approaches, you should prepare your grill for storage. Clean it thoroughly to remove grease and food particles then store it.

Storing items throughout winter requires you to clean, dry, check for damages, and hire a storage space since the storage within your home is not enough.

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