A lot of people are having to do it. Some are forced into it. Others are moving their physical businesses online simply because they understand it’s a good opportunity for their business. New custom can be targeted and more sales garnered. Of course one of the main issues comes with coronavirus. It’s destroyed so many businesses this year and one of the best ways of beating it is by eschewing the old fashion mode of business and office operation and shredding through the utilities bills and rent by moving online. Each industry of course has to do this differently. Some can’t do this at all, but if you think you can, then perhaps these tips can help. Try to apply them in a bespoke way for the best levels of success.

Attract The Custom

Being able to bring people to your online space is extremely important. Sometimes, it might even seem impossible, but it can be done and it is done by thousands of businesses each day. But how is it done? How do you pull people in? You can turn to Adwords services if you feel like you need that professional guiding hand. However, from your point there certainly are things you can do to kick start the move. Tell people. Tell your old customers, especially if you’re closing up shop. Tell them what your new web address is and if you can, print it on business cards and give them out wherever you can. You can’t attract the custom unless people know about your business, so start shouting wherever you can.

Website Is Your Store Window

Think of your website landing page as your store window. Think about it. If it looks good and inviting, people will want to come in. If it doesn’t, they might just move on to your competitor. Its supremely important and if you’re using developers it’s something you need to stress. The site has to flow logically, from one page to the other without bogging customers down. When they want to check out it has to be able to be done quickly. Try and implement apple pay and take credit and debit where possible. The more payment methods you offer the more customers you can bring in. Test it before going live so any kinks can be ironed out, that really makes a huge difference to your reputation as a business.

Social Media

You might already have an account. Now it’s time for your business accounts. This can be linked up to your websites so that you can increase traffic. Your business pages on social media will hold key information about you and your business. You need to create content to keep pulling people in though, so make sure it’s fresh and clean and targeting your key demographic. Repeat this across all social networks for maximum impact and you’re certainly on to a winner. It’s just something you may need to keep doing, there are writers and media site managers who can do this for you if you’ve got the money to spare, but if you have the time go it alone.  

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