Temporary work can prove an excellent way to gain some income as you are searching for your dream career. However, it can be challenging to find a job industry that is consistently hiring, and a flexible job that is easy to stop and return to anytime you think it’s necessary. Some of the best short term jobs are:


The hospitality industry offers a flexible but steady schedule, and money can be quite good if working in more upscale restaurants. Certain perks can also be expected such as free meals when on your shift or possible good discounts depending on the policy of the restaurant when you are off-the-clock.

Food Delivery

If you happen to own a scooter, bike, or car and are well familiar with most of your town, then food delivery can prove a solid way of gaining income on a rather flexible schedule. If committing 30-40 hours each week to delivering food is too much for you, then you can think about becoming a Postmates driver. Postmates is a business concerned with delivering food from restaurants with no delivery services. Its delivery force consists of people seeking to make some additional income through food delivery. It works completely on your schedule whereby you must agree to perform the pick-up.


It is now possible to employ yourself in the field of being a handy person (someone that helps in shelf/furniture assembly, help with moving, house cleaner, errand runner) using the Taskrabbit website. The site matches any of its clients in need of assistance with “taskrabbits”. You can pick any job of your choice within your area and determine your rate, as well as setting your pay and schedule.

Lyft or Uber Driver

Transportation availability in the majority of metropolitan areas has seen a drastic change due to Uber and Lyft. This is an excellent option in gaining some extra income as all it requires one to have is a car, a driver’s license, and a decent driving record. However, if driving is more your cup of tea, you can try applying for one of the CDL Truck Driver Positions available right now. 

Money can prove hard to come by as you wait to secure your perfect dream job but until such a time, it helps to be aware of some of the numerous short term jobs available to generate some income to help you get by.