Recent research on workplace productivity proves that the combined effects of distraction and other malicious employee behaviour cost businesses in the United States over $600 billion annually? Employee productivity is a significant factor in the world of business, and companies that seek to thrive in the harsh business environment will need all workers performing at an optimum level to achieve this. However, this can prove challenging in today’s world which is full of countless distractions. Nonetheless, there are still steps companies can take to bring the best out of their employees. Here are four methods which you can use to improve your workplace’s productivity.

  1. Increase employee engagement

According to Forbes, employee engagement is based on how emotionally committed an employee is to an organization and its goals. It does not mean “happy employees,” but rather a genuinely interested workforce invested in the company’s goals and wholeheartedly committed to helping it achieve these goals. Companies have primarily neglected this, as a reported 72% of employees express the desire to feel better engaged. Common ways to do this include developing a people-centric culture, encouraging flexibility, and asking for feedback. According to AON, companies with engaged employees are 17% more productive and achieve 10% higher customer ratings.

  1. Invest in good office ergonomics

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Inc., opines that you cannot mandate productivity, but rather, people need the best tools to help them become their best. Office ergonomics refers to how well office furniture, equipment, and working conditions interact with workers for optimum output. Ensuring employee comfort and efficiency by providing them the best furniture and equipment does boost productivity. Studies have shown that having good ergonomics increases workplace productivity by 25%. Therefore, never compromise on the quality of your office furniture and equipment like computers and their accessories- like the mac ergonomic keyboard.

  1. Attractive benefits

Employee benefits have and will always be a profound source of motivation for workers. A reported 63% of employees say benefits affect their productivity whilst 53% say benefits influence their decision to leave or stay in a company. Organizations seeking to improve their productivity should consider benefits such as having a good health insurance plan, instituting paid leave for sick days, and retirement benefits.

  1. Using technology

The corporate environment has not escaped the influence of technology on the world, both positive and negative. The modern office is now very much virtual and your physical presence in a bricks and mortar office is no longer an absolute necessity. This is thanks to apps that connect employees wherever they may be. Many employees say this boosts their productivity. Indeed, a whopping 94% of businesses that use video conferencing software say it increases their productivity. Technology improves communication within the workforce, increases speed and efficiency, and can track and analyse employee performance. The influence of artificial intelligence and other sophisticated automation technology in business is expected by many experts only to increase. You should therefore incorporate technology heavily in your business if you are considering improving productivity.

Taking steps to boost your business’s productivity level is beneficial to both you and your employees. Implement these steps today and watch your business grow to new heights.

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