One day, you have a baby, and before you know it, they are walking, talking, and starting school. While this transition can be exciting, it can also be overwhelming as you consider all of the changes that need to take place around your home. One of the most obvious transformations will take place in your child’s room, as you evolve the nursery into a fun child’s play space that they’ll enjoy for years to come.

New Decor

The pastel hues of a nursery are perfect for a baby. However, a young child might find them rather boring. Therefore, it only makes sense to change the decor in your child’s room to let them know that you respect their age. Whether it’s something as simple as a new coat of paint or something as drastic as all-new decor, changing the right elements can give your child a new-found appreciation for their room.

New Furniture

As a child grows, their furniture should grow along with them. No longer do they need a crib or a changing table. Instead, a toddler bed will suit their needs quite well. If you want to future-proof their room, you can find a solid twin-sized bed at a furniture store so that they can keep the same bed for a long time to come. Any other furniture that you purchase should be sturdy, as well, since your child will likely put it through quite a bit of abuse.

More Open Space

A growing child needs to be active. When there’s inclement weather outside and your child is stuck inside, it’s important that they have a large indoor area to play. While specialized furniture and lots of toys can have a certain appeal, they can reduce the amount of play space that your child has access to. Therefore, in a growing child’s room, less is often more when it comes to what’s on the floor.

Safety First

Children have an innate sense of curiosity that must be satisfied for them to develop properly. Unfortunately, this thirst for new knowledge sometimes takes the form of dangerous decisions around your home. Climbing furniture is an example of such a decision. To keep your children safe from themselves, it’s a good idea to anchor all furniture to the wall so that the worst that happens to your child when they climb furniture is a scolding from you.

As your child outgrows various components of their room, it’s important to dispose of these unneeded elements correctly. The best way to get rid of unneeded items is to either sell or donate them to people with younger children. This keeps the items out of landfills and helps to give them a second life with another family.

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