You’re probably a couple of months out from your wedding day and now it’s CRUNCH TIME. One of the many decisions to make is what you’ll get your future hubby as a wedding gift. You might have already spent some time planning the major decisions, but now it’s time to think about the small details. 

Before you buy any wedding favors, you need to consider your budget first.

Decide On a Budget

With so many things to decide on it can often be easy to forget about your budget. For example, if you are planning on giving something fancy for the groom, like a fancy bottle of whisky or a nice watch, you will need to prepare to spend more money. 

On the other hand, you can purchase inexpensive gifts that will make a memorable impression on your groom. If you go for a simple gift like a different tie, a nice framed picture of the two of you, he will surely appreciate it. These simple but meaningful wedding gifts for the groom will also remind you of the true meaning of love for the rest of your marriage.


One of the most popular gifts for the groom is a watch. With the new fad of smartwatches, many men don’t have traditional, nice, expensive watches. If you want to get him a watch, be sure to get one from a high-end jewelry store or from a small business that specializes in watchmaking.

To make it sentimental, many people had been engraving the back of the watch face with intimate momentoes or personal notes. 

Cuff Links

Cuff links are pieces of jewelry that have been used for centuries for formal occasions to secure the wrist sleeves of suit jackets. Cuff links are made from a wide variety of materials, including gold, leather, sterling silver, and others. There are many places where you can purchase cuff links depending on your budget.

If you have a tight budget, you might consider purchasing cufflinks from your local department store. However, when it comes to cufflinks, you must take special care of them depending on the material they are made of. A piece that’s made of fine-quality material will definitely last much longer than a similar piece made from less expensive material.

If you have a loose budget, feel free to look into cufflinks made out of high-quality materials, like sterling silver. Although the price of sterling silver is a bit higher than other metals, it has the same beauty and durability as the other metals. It may take a little longer to develop the sparkle and shine in sterling silver, but after a while, you’ll discover that it looks just as beautiful as other metals.

Boudoir Photographs

Boudoir photography is photos featuring intimate, romantic, and often erotic images of the subjects in a personal, intimate, or dressing-room setting, mostly designed for the exclusive enjoyment of their romantic partners.

If you want to give a more daring gift, a scrapbook of sexy pics of you is a perfect idea. Boudoir photography is a tasteful way of making you look & feel sexy. By working with a professional boudoir photographer, you’ll be sure to get a gift you’re satisfied with and feel good about.

Finding a professional boudoir photographer may seem intimidating, but if you live in Ohio, a quick Google search for, “boudoir photographer Ohio” will find you exactly what you’re looking for.

Remember, it’s more about what he wants than what you want. So, think from the heart and make a list of accessories he still needs, or maybe an extra treat he’s told you he wants to do on his wedding day. Your wedding will be a day he will remember for a long time to come and you want to choose something meaningful that will remind him of your special day.