3 Things to Know When You Have a Swimming Pool

Image: Envato

Ask most people about swimming pools, and they will probably admit that they get a bit jealous when someone in the neighborhood is having a blast in the water all summer long. A swimming pool is a wonderful investment for your property, and if you have a family, it will be put to good use. Having this backyard amenity also boosts your social worth and adds extra value to your home. A pool offers an excellent space for entertainment, and it’s private, so you don’t have to share it with strangers or pay to use it. When you’re the proud owner of a swimming pool, however, there are important aspects to consider.

1. Insure Your Swimming Pool

Don’t skip over your home insurance policy. You will want to confirm that your policy covers swimming pools. Many policies do, especially in warmer climates where pools are a common investment.

The homeowner becomes responsible for taking reasonable measures to maintain an area that protects naive children and others from potential dangers posed by a pool.

For example, some of these measures could include installing a fence around the perimeter of the pool, posting a sign, providing an automatic safety cover, or a solid or mesh safety cover or providing accessible safety equipment.

Contact your insurance agent to make sure that your current policy limits are adequate should your pool be damaged by a covered loss.

Also, obtaining an umbrella liability policy to your existing homeowner’s insurance policy is a good idea should someone be injured while using your pool.

2. Consider Pool Maintenance Costs

Yes, a swimming pool is certainly an attractive feature for your property, but it needs proper care annually to hold on to its value and function. There is no way around it, pool maintenance is a must.

That is when you call in an expert to open and close the pool. Other pool routines include testing the water and adding chemicals, skimming the surface of the water, vacuuming the bottom, and more.

Just the water features alone come into the picture. For instance, scuppers, deck jets, and waterfalls can add significantly to the cost of installing and maintaining a pool.

Sometimes, things such as filters, pumps, and heaters break or malfunction, and you need a professional from swimming pool repairs Ocoee (or whatever area you live in) to drop by and make the necessary improvements.

A swimming pool is an incredible investment that adds beauty to your property, but like anything else, it needs attention and care.

3. You’ve Made A Great Choice

A swimming pool has expenses, but it delivers so much to the homeowner and is a terrific amenity.

For one thing, swimming is a very good exercise to keep the body moving and for getting in a fantastic cardio workout. It is suitable for all ages and is considered a low-impact exercise.

Splashing around in a pool is fun and fabulous, especially for children, family, and friends, and is one of the finest activities for creating lasting memories. You don’t have to pack the kids in the car with all their gear and head to the beach or lake.

Psychologists say that water is symbolic of tranquility and that most folks really like being in the water.

It’s no wonder because water makes up about 70 percent of the human body, and it also comprises 31 percent of our bones.

Speedo swimwear brand conducted a survey about swimming and found that 70 percent of people find that swimming helps them to feel mentally refreshed.

A swimming pool offers privacy, relaxation, and a beautiful way to bond as a family unit. Your kids get away from their high-tech devices and X-boxes and can enjoy the fresh outdoors and cool off from the heat.

There is something to be said these days about comfort in your own backyard, and a swimming pool offers that and a lot more. It’s the ideal “staycation.”

Pool ownership is quite special, and those who have a swimming pool say that the insurance, maintenance, and repairs are all worth it. A pool is a sound investment, brings family and friends together, and can provide private, backyard entertainment for decades. If you have a pool, then you understand its amazing benefits.