How To Prep Your Home For The Winter

Image: Envato

With the arrival of fall, many homeowners are already beginning to think about how they can prepare their homes for the rigors of winter. It will not be long before the cold weather is here, making it important that you begin planning your projects now before it is too late. Here are five ways that you can prep your home for winter.

Inspect the Roof

Now is the time to inspect your roof and make sure that it is ready to withstand the elements of winter. Be on the lookout for loose or missing shingles that may not hold up during the winter. This is a good task to contract out to a professional.

If your roof is flat, you will need to sweep off debris such as fallen leaves. Because leaves and needles soak up moisture, it can be dangerous to your roof if you allow them to collect and wear down the structure.

While you are inspecting the roof, you should also clean out your gutters. Clogged gutters can lead to leaks and other unfortunate events. A gutter that is full of leaves and other debris also makes an attractive home for pests and rodents, causing you more headaches down the road.

Winterize Your Swimming Pool and Hot Tub

If you are lucky enough to enjoy a personal swimming pool or hot tub in your yard, you know that it is important to winterize it before the cold temperatures make their appearance. If you live in an area that does not regularly see temperatures below freezing, you may be able to get away with a partial winterization process.

Unsure of how to properly winterize your pool or hot tub? Using a professional swimming pool repairs Wintergarden (or whatever area you live in) will take the guesswork out of this process for you. A professional will know how to best drain the pool equipment and add the right mix of chemicals to prevent a green pool.

Stow Away Your Outdoor Furniture and Tools

If you know that you will not be using your outdoor furniture and tools, it is a good idea to stow away these essentials. This will ensure that they do not deteriorate after being exposed to the weather. For example, bringing in furniture cushions will extend their normal lifespan so that you can enjoy them again when winter is over.

You should also make sure that you have a protected area to store your tools. Leaving your lawnmower and other yard essentials outside as they lie dormant will reduce their lifespan. Do not take the chance that your yard essentials will not be able to make it through the winter months unscathed.

Check Your Furnace

Your furnace may become your best friend this winter, making it important that it is working in optimal condition. If your furnace is modern, it should require servicing every few years. Older units should be inspected once per year.

Regularly changing the furnace filter will also keep the unit from overheating. Dirty filters will also reduce the efficiency of the unit and increase your heating bills. A quick way to test if your filter needs replacing is to hold it up to the light. You need a new filter if the light does not penetrate through. Make sure you keep track of your filter size for easy replacement. While a 16x25x4 furnace filter is a common size, yours might be different – measure the short side, the long side, and the thickness of your filter to ensure you get the right size.

Caulk Around Windows and Doors

With the arrival of winter comes lower temperatures. Even if you do not live in an area that sees bitterly cold temperatures, you still want to take care to ensure that your home is properly insulated during this time. This caulking will help to protect your home by sealing air leaks.

Not only will this keep you more comfortable, but it will also help you to save on your energy bills. Another good task is to add weatherstripping around the doors. You will know that it is properly in place if you cannot see the daylight from the inside of the house.

You will feel more at peace about the inevitable arrival of winter if you take the time now to prepare your home. Protect the investment that you have made in your home by making the effort to ensure it is ready for winter weather.v