With the recent cycle of lockdowns, courtesy of the COVID19 pandemic, many people have been experiencing the “remote working” lifestyle first hand, even if their employees were previously reluctant to agree to such an arrangement.

Of course, certain career paths such as social media marketing have always tended to be more “location flexible,” and many people who make their living in such careers work permanently from home, solo, as entrepreneurs.

Whatever your particular working situation is, however, if you have been working from home recently you’ve probably noticed that energy levels can flag, and it’s not always easy to stay properly charged up and driven during the day.

Here are a few tips for staying turbocharged when working from home.

Begin your day with a ritual that gets you fired up (featuring energetic music)

You’ve heard the phrase “got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning,” right?

The basic idea behind this well-known saying is simple and intuitive to just about everyone – if something goes wrong at the beginning of your day, it can easily lead to a negative spiral that can put you in a bad mood, and make you less productive, for the rest of the day from then on.

One of the best things you can do in order to stay turbocharged when working from home, is to construct a morning ritual that gets you really fired up, puts you in a good mood, and gets the adrenaline flowing.

Music is an extremely powerful way of shaping and directing your emotions – and people all around the world already get a pretty powerful morning “jolt” from the day’s first cup of coffee.

Listen to some energetic music, move around, and do whatever you can to get yourself fully awake and energised, as quickly as possible after waking up.

Regularly remind yourself of your accomplishments and accolades

Sometimes, your energy, pace of work, and motivation will end up flagging because you get into a low emotional state, and perhaps feel that you aren’t up to the challenges that you’re confronted with.

Working to boost your confidence, and to keep yourself feeling “large and in charge,” regularly remind yourself of your professional accomplishments and accolades. And if you’re just getting started with the new entrepreneurial venture, remind yourself of your personal accomplishments and accolades.

You should, at all times, feel like someone who is totally equal to any professional challenges that come your way.

Track your productivity and your progress on different tasks, and reward yourself accordingly

One of the best ways of keeping yourself driven and focused, is to track your productivity and your progress in different tasks – especially big projects – and to constantly try to beat your previous “score” and to stay on top of things.

This, in and of itself, can go a long way towards giving you an enhanced sense of perspective – but you should by no means stop there.

Reward yourself for hitting certain milestones, keeping up a certain consistency level, and getting big projects done. This will give you a bit of extra “push” during the day.