Promotion is vital for most companies now; whether it is a chief root of profit or merely to draw more customers. There are many methods to promote today, through publications and journals, via the web, and on signboards. One of the more modern methods of marketing is through smartphones, but precisely what is mobile marketing?

Oftentimes individuals overlook or neglect to see mobile advertising on its own because they connect it so intimately with digital marketing. Yes, it may be quite comparable (after all you can access the web via the majority of phones), yet it is crucial to recognize that at this existing time, smartphones reach a considerably bigger audience. Consequently, mobile marketing centers on everything from the eye of the mobile user, from web design to search engine use.

It is easy to answer the question “what is mobile marketing?” with the simple answer of mobile advertising, but there is a lot more to it than that. There are lots of different types of mobile ads, the most obvious being a mobile banner. A mobile banner at the top of the page is known quite simply as a Mobile Web Banner whilst one at the bottom of the page is known as a Mobile Web Poster. Nevertheless, there are other methods such as SMS advertising, in other words receiving a text message which promotes a certain company, product, service or any other similar feature. This simple method is highly effective and is estimated to rake in a mass percentage of mobile marketing revenue across the world. In addition to this examples of alternative forms are MMS or picture messaging, audio marketing, and advertising appearing during games and videos.

So what is mobile marketing doing that other types of advertisements are not… Quite frankly what makes publicizing through a phone device unique is that it engages with the audience on a stronger level than other methods. The Mobile Marketing Association, also known as MMA, elaborates on this by starting that mobile engagements provide a channel to:

 “start relationships, acquire, generate activity, stimulate social interaction with organization and community members, be present at time of consumers expressed need.” 

Furthermore, what a lot of individuals prefer about mobile promotion is that you can opt-in or out of text message advertising as you wish. 

To conclude, at the beginning of the article I posed the question of what is mobile marketing. And to finally answer it with a solid statement; it is simply the form of advertising to be involved with right now. The masses of people that can be reached via a simple SMS message is quite frankly mind-blowing. This coupled with advertising banners, MMS messaging, and social networking adverts has the capability of reaching so many people it is frankly hard to imagine. Thus, it may be difficult to comprehend that mobile marketing is as effective as it seems, but the facts clearly speak for themselves, it is the way forward for publicizing your business, products, or services today.