If you have been in your full-on adult career for some time now, you might begin to feel a little restless. All around the world, people begin on one path and stick to it, without really considering if it is what they truly want. Because after all, life gets in the way – from settling down with a spouse and a family, to buying your own home, or any other personal goals you might have. If you are getting that restless feeling like you just want to try something new, have you ever considered going back to education as an adult?

You probably have. But after all, education is expensive and time-consuming. How will you make money while studying? How will you support the family through a career change? All these questions arise when anyone is considering a return to education and a break from their humdrum career. Here are five things you need to know which might make you look at mature education a little differently.

Online Learning Is Widely Available.

It’s not exactly the textbook college experience – but do you really want that, if you are much older and more mature than freshmen anyway? You can do courses, qualifications, and even degrees online with certified learning facilities which will provide you with a stepping stone to your career change. Places like RMIT Online, who offer a wide range of online learning options, can help you learn from home when it’s convenient for you.

Why is online learning beneficial for mature students? First off, you can complete your work around your routine. This means you can stay working – even if you reduce your hours slightly to make room – and don’t need to relocate for college. If you have a family or any other responsibilities which tie you to one place, these won’t get in the way of you getting re-educated.

Returning To Education Is A Sign Of Courage

Think of it from the perspective of an employer. You are interviewing a candidate who went down one career path, then a decade or two later, decided to make a change. They juggled their already-complicated life with extra learning and successfully completed their qualifications. What would you think of them? You would probably be super impressed, wouldn’t you?

Giving up your current career and starting afresh is not a sign of weakness or misjudgment, it is a sign of courage. Most people would continue plodding on in whatever direction they chose in their early twenties, too scared to make the change. You, however, are taking the road less traveled. You are likely to be rewarded for this brave step with higher interest from potential employers!

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Your Classmates Will Probably Look Up To You

Many adults refuse to return to an educational setting because they anticipate being the oddball of the class. After all, it isn’t exactly appealing to feel like the old guy in the room full of nineteen year olds. Nevertheless, this is a common misconception that is largely untrue. Your younger classmates might be intrigued by you and give you a lot of attention, but this is unlikely to be negative! Your life experience, general knowledge, and confidence as an older person will put you in good stead to be everyone’s favorite classmate.

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Embracing Your Curiosity Is Good For Your Mental Health.

As children, we are insatiably curious creatures. We want to know the answer to everything; we are just discovering how the world works. As an adult, you might feel like you know how things work, what your opinions are, and even who you are. Returning to education will challenge your preconceptions and open you up once again to a world of learning, rediscovering, and ever-shifting mindsets. Are you ready for it?

Curiosity is not just a good mindset, it is actually good for your mental health. Curiosity helps you embrace change, get out of your mundane routine, and actively search and strive for a better life. It helps you embrace your inner child, finding joy in new things once again. Open yourself to your curiosity and you will find a world of opportunities!

Education Is A Step Towards A Better Life.

This is simple but so true. If you have always wanted to be qualified in a subject you are passionate about, there is no time like the present. This qualification can lead you to a new career where you can make a real difference in this world. What are you waiting for?

Education can take us all on different paths, and help us reassess the direction we’re heading. It can give us new tools and opportunities. Sometimes, it may even help us rekindle our love for working in a certain field. For instance, taking cyber security courses can help reconnect you with your inner tech geek, while going back to history courses can help you learn the context for who you are today.

If you can adopt this mindset, you’ll not only be successful in education, but in life at large.