Summer is slowly coming to an end, and cooler weather will be here before you know it. However, don’t put away your tools just yet. This is actually a great time to complete a few repairs that you may not have gotten around to. Here are some last-minute repairs that you should make in your home before summer ends.

Seal Holes

If your home has even the smallest of holes in the walls or around the doors or windows, you shouldn’t just ignore them. They can cause a huge problem in the winter. These holes can let cold air inside, and small animals might crawl through them so that they can come into your home to escape the frigid weather. Seal these holes now before issues arise.

AC Service

Your ac works hard during the summer months. Because of this, you should have ac service completed to make sure that your ac is working as it should. A technician will do things like inspect your unit and check the refrigerant levels. Don’t wait until you have an issue to call a technician to perform ac service. A lot of problems can actually be avoided with proper maintenance done on a regular basis.

Clean Out Your Garbage Disposal

There’s a good chance that your garbage disposal got a lot of use this summer. Unfortunately, food can collect in it over time even with minimal use. This food can cause your disposal to smell or get clogged. Once this starts to happen, you will have a difficult time removing the clog or eliminating the odor that your garbage disposal is emitting.

Paint Walls

The summer is a great time to get some painting done. You can touch up areas that have gotten scuffed, or you can totally change the color of one of the rooms in your home. Paint actually dries faster when it’s hotter out. If you wait to paint your home in the fall or winter, you will notice that the paint probably doesn’t dry as quickly as you’d like it to.

Now that summer’s just about over, you really should start tackling some repairs in your home that you haven’t gotten around to. This is the perfect time to make all of the repairs mentioned above. By making these repairs now, your home will be more prepared for the colder months and all of your guests that you have over during the holidays.