Did you realize that everyone has their own style? There is always something that they want to wear, some way they want to look, some mannerisms they might have taken on, and this all adds to their own sense of style. 

However, not everyone is comfortable showing that style. Not everyone is able to even find that style when there are so many different ideas floating around that might work for them, or that go against what they really want. 

The truth is, we should all be able to find and embrace whatever style it is we are looking for, without being concerned that we are doing anything ‘wrong’, or that our style is not as good as someone else’s. Yet before we can even get to this way of thinking, we need to have worked out our own personal style; here are some ways to do it. 

Look Around 

It’s never a good idea to copy someone else’s style completely, but taking elements of it and incorporating them into your own style can work well, which is why it can be a good idea to look around and see what other people are wearing. When you do this, you will more than likely see a variety of different things that you like. When you do, why not simply ask the person wearing that particular item where they got it from? Most people will be glad to tell you where they found their own style, and whether it was eyeglasses from Just-glasses.co.uk, a vintage purse, or something by a designer that you like, you’ll be able to gather some items for yourself. 

Alternatively, you can look in magazines and on TV for more ideas, and create your own personal style from all kinds of different elements put together. 


There are rules in fashion about what colors go with one another and which patterns should never be worn in combination, and so on. When you are searching for your own personal style, a style you are going to be comfortable with, you can ignore those rules. After all, if you aren’t worried about them, why should you think about them at all? 

When this concern is off your mind, you really can experiment as much as you want and need to, putting together clothing and accessories you are comfortable in and that make you feel good, rather than having to try to conform to what the ‘rules’ tell you. This freedom is good for your mental health, and it will also help you to discover your own style more easily. 

Think About Your Lifestyle 

If you’re really having trouble working out what your own style actually is, why not think about your lifestyle? By doing this, you might be able to get some clues about what is going to suit you best. If you have a hobby that requires you to be outside and physical, that will mean different clothing is going to be required compared to a lifestyle that is more indoors, and less physical. 

By taking your lifestyle into account, you can start to see the kinds of clothes that are going to work best for you, and little by little you can create your own style through them. 

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