There’s no turning back time after one wrong haircut. While you may want a redo, that isn’t always possible if you have parts of your hair that were entirely buzzed down. With these, your best options typically end up being buzzing off the whole thing and waiting for it all to grow back, or else finding other ways to blend the bald spot. If you’re in need of a quick fix to a bad buzz, consider the following ideas.

Cover up With a Hat

If you’re in a rush to cover up a bad haircut, caps are an effective way to keep your hair out of sight. Whether you’re a fan of fedoras or you want to wear a ballcap, hats are a good way to stay in style without showing off an unsightly look. If you’re unsure which hats are the best for your look, research different outfits that include hats.

No hat insight? Consider alternatives like a head wrap or hoodie. If you have a bandanna or a small towel, you can easily wrap your hair and cover your entire head, making it impossible for anyone to see your haircut. Likewise, hoodies are also a quick way to cover up. Of course, you should never consider this a way to hide your hair in shame, but rather something that will make you feel a little more comfortable while waiting for your natural style to grow back the way you like.

Wear a Wig

Wigs are another option to change your appearance and hide a haircut. While you can’t immediately grow your hair back after your stylist goes too low, wigs are an excellent way to cover up. From synthetic styles to hairpieces made with real human hair, custom made wigs are an effective solution to unforgiving haircuts.

Use Extensions

In the event that there are only a few trouble areas in your haircut, extensions may be the right option for you. Consider wearing extensions if there are certain areas around your head that you need to cover up. With the option of sew-in, braid-in, clip-in, or glue-on extensions, you’ll be able to find a temporary hair solution to make your bad haircut better.

Wear a Headband

Headbands are another way to spice up your look while covering up any unsightly style. For example, if you’re trying to hide too-short bangs, headbands are an easy way to tuck your strands out-of-sight. Similarly, trying a scarf or bandana around your head will help you keep your bangs from covering your forehead. If your bangs are long enough, having a scarf or headband can make it easier for you to put your hair into a bun or ponytail, keeping your hair further hidden.

If you’re the recipient of a bad haircut, don’t give up hope. While it’ll take time to grow your hair out, these four solutions are all effective ways to transform your look.