Whether a kitchen is small or just feels small because of the layout, design, or clutter, there are a few simple things you can do to make it feel bigger. Light, bright, and spacious interiors instantly lifts and changes the mood of a room. Kitchens are actually a great space to design and easy to redesign when the room just doesn’t feel right.

If you are trying to make your small kitchen feel bigger, these four design tips are easy enough to do the trick before deciding on any kitchen remodeling for the entire room.

Open Shelving

Open shelving is a great design tip to try in your kitchen and you can achieve the look using what you already have installed in your kitchen. By removing the doors and facade of the cabinets you already have in place, you open up the cabinets and make the room feel more spacious. Alternately, you can remove the cabinets you have and install new, plain, open shelves.

Pops of Color

A white kitchen is often the best way to brighten a room and make it feel larger, but in the kitchen it helps to add a pop of color. Color can be aesthetically pleasing, but the color you choose is a personal choice that you need to be ready to see every day. Pick a color for a focal wall, trim, or even just for decor and add it to the kitchen for a nice pop.

Geometric Decor Elements

Sometimes the fastest way to make a room look larger is to trick the eye into thinking it’s larger with geometric decor elements. Everything from a rug to tiles with the right shape and design can elongate your space. Make sure you only add these decor elements to areas that can use them, and don’t add anything that will take up more space than they create.

Clean Up Your Space

The number one reason for a space to end up feeling cluttered and small, is when it is cluttered and needs to be cleaned up. To give yourself more space on counters and keep the room from feeling cramped, clean up the space you do have and remove as much as possible from countertops, around the sink, and on top of your cabinets. This tip not only clears space, but it makes you question each item you have in your kitchen as well as makes you pause before making any new purchases.

You might feel restricted in your design options when you have a small kitchen space. However, there are plenty of ways to make it still feel open and appealing. Use some of the design tips above to make the most out of your small kitchen. 

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