An example of a beautiful bathroom.

Since bathrooms are one of the home’s most popular areas, keep yours looking attractive and welcoming to family and guests alike. Here are a few ideas you may want to consider for updating your bathroom with a fresh, new look.

New Fixtures

Replacing your aging tub, shower, toilet, and sink can do wonders to revitalize your bathroom. Matched in coordinating colors and style, the fixtures are the heart of this room where everyone can relax while bathing or take care of their grooming and hygiene needs. You might like an old fashioned clawfoot bathtub for a country or rustic look. On the other hand, a legless design or a round-shaped tub offers an ultramodern effect. For a traditional or conventional style, consider getting a walk-in tub for convenience and safety. A walk-in shower with a safety seat and or plastic handrail are great add-ons for people of all ages. Choose a toilet that works with your larger fixtures and the seat height you prefer. There are plenty of fun and flashy designs, including a toilet seat that can be warmed before using, and you might want to include a bidet.

Walls and Floor

To create the right ambiance for your bathroom size and décor, consider installing attractive and durable wall tile on a single wall or halfway up each bathroom wall. Choose a color and style that fits with your fixtures and overall theme. For example, a seascape or beach vibe can be enhanced with blue-green or sand-colored wall tile in solid colors or a subtle pattern. A country look can be enhanced with a floral design of wall tile and plank flooring or forest green waterproof carpet. Whatever your theme and flooring choice, coordinate it to go with the wall tile, painted walls, and fixtures.

Thematic Décor

Bathroom décor will put the finishing touches on your new upgrade. Wall art with themed images or paintings can help to link everything in the room for a complete stylistic makeover. Live plants like ferns or potted cacti contribute to the ambiance. Towel racks, shelving, and window treatments reinforces the overall feel of the bathroom, creating whatever mood you prefer, from a vibrant spa to a desert oasis. Soap dishes, hand towels, and mirror trim add meaningful touches to make this room enjoyable as well as functional.

As a realtor will tell you, the bathroom is one of the home’s most important places. Upgrade yours to complement your home overall and make the bathroom ultra-special.