Interior design is a field that many people spend years studying and working in. Therefore, you may feel a bit intimidated by the thought of selecting a style independently. Fortunately, with some helpful hints, you can create a space that truly emulates your design desires.

Browse Catalogs

Simply seeing individual pieces of decor and furniture is likely unhelpful when it comes to identifying your personal style. In other words, you need to look at images that show full rooms so that you can get a sense of what specific style might be suitable for you. For example, if you are trying to design a den, flip through catalogs or websites that show dens in different styles. Acquainting yourself with the different styles that exist is the first step in knowing what you like.

Prioritize Pieces

Once you start to narrow down design styles, you should decide what to prioritize. For example, if having a farmhouse desk is the most important feature to you, you then will likely want to go with earthy tones and rustic decor throughout the space. On the other hand, when your main focus is on infusing decorations from the beach into the area, you will want to lean toward light blue or sand colored furniture or rugs.

Blend Styles

Keep in mind that you are not confined to selecting only one style. You can blend styles that go together. For example, you might have a rustic desk and throw rug in a living room that has otherwise nautical decor. On the other hand, you might use a statement piece, such as a blue camo leather decorative throw pillow cover, in a room that is otherwise all white. Blending styles is a way to bolster the aesthetics of your home, and this move can also make spaces appear larger. Having a room with two distinct styles can give off the appearances of two spaces.

Allow for Revision

You might purchase a product online or have an item delivered from a store to discover that the piece really doesn’t work with the space you’re decorating. This situation demonstrates why you need to look into return policies before making purchases. With creative projects, such as interior design, revision is often necessary. Don’t go into the process expecting everything to come out perfectly the first time. Instead, give yourself the space to try out different approaches.

Finding the right interior design style might seem overwhelming, especially when you aren’t too familiar with the process. Keeping an open mind and maintaining a creative spirit will help.