Storms can happen anywhere in the country. However, some areas are more prone to storms than others. A storm can have a detrimental impact on your home, but you need to secure your safety first and then start to plan for home repairs. If you have recently encountered a storm in your area, you need to make home comfortable again. Ignoring the damage of storms in your home is a costly mistake.

Here are the repairs you need to make after a massive storm.


Hails can cause significant damage to gutters, shingles, or even put holes on the roof. Therefore, it is imperative to calculate the amount of damage caused to your roof. If not attended to on time, leaks can lead to swelling and growth of molds in your ceiling. After a large storm, call reputable roofers to check for leakage in your home. If you notice water spots on the walls or ceiling it is the high time, to call professionals.


Large hails can remove some shingles on the roof. For safety sake, you should call a renowned storm damage contractor to examine your roof and check whether a shingle is missing. Additionally, the professional will check for dimpling and cracks caused by large hails. Do not ignore even the smallest imperfections in the roof because, with time, it will compromise the integrity of shingles and cause them to erode.

Loose Shingles

A massive storm can make shingles fall. Don’t risk walking around your roof to check for missing shingles. Call a professional because they are trained extensively on safety, and they have the right equipment to climb to the uppermost part of your roof. Besides, if the damage was huge, you may find a piece of the roof littering the yard. Surprisingly, even a single missing shingle is cause for getting help from a professional.

Don’t be tempted to do it yourself because the damage seems insignificant. Remember, your roof is a substantial investment and, arguably, the most essential part of your home.

Damage to Externals

Wind damage can break windows, cause a dent in your car, or even cause a tree to fall on your car or house. In addition, large pieces of hails can damage the downspouts, gutters, and chimneys. You should address all these damages in the order of priority. Start by repairing windows to keep your family safe, and then remove any fallen tree in your compound. Also, you need to check your air conditioning system as well; a large storm is likely to cause significant damage to it.

In an event of a storm, protect your family and repair your home. After ensuring everyone is safe, call a storm damage contractor to examine the damages caused to your property.

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