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The weather is cooling down and the fall season is almost here. That means it’s time to make some changes to your wardrobe so you’ll be on-trend this fall. Whether you’re heading to the boardroom or having a night out with friends, here are a few suggestions for having the most stylish outfits this fall.


If you want to take your fashion cues from the runways of Milan, add some vintage jeans to your wardrobe. Or, you can take a look at Gucci’s fall line, which includes grungy denim that is a nod to 90s skater style. Jeans that are ripped at the knee are on trend for the season, and if you have a daring sense of style, you can try bell-bottom jeans to look like your favorite 70s rock star. These jeans are great for get-togethers where you want to look carefree yet fashionable.

Keep in mind the denim isn’t just for jeans. Bleached jean jackets are especially fashionable for men this fall, and overcoats in medium and dark denim could be the perfect finishing touch for casual days at the office.

Shades of Red

Red isn’t just an alluring color for ladies, but you can look your best in this eye-catching hue as well. Designers like Alexander McQueen and Sarah Burton have named the “red” for the fall season “carnelian.” Deep shades of burgundy and scarlet are ideal for autumn are a daring choice for tailored suits and overcoats. These colors look best on warm-toned skin, or you can try brick-red suits if your skin is cool or neutral-toned. Pair the suits with rich pink and terracotta shirts or pocket squares for a monochromatic look that will make you one of the most stylish men in the office.

Big Scarves

Large scarves aren’t just for women — you can add an oversized scarf to your suit or casual outfit to give your look more texture and color. A satin scarf looks great with a mens overcoat, or, you can wear a patterned scarf with a solid-color t-shirt and distressed jeans. Depending on the fall weather in your area, a scarf can help you stay warm without having to wear a heavy jacket. This fashion accessory makes a formal outfit more interesting and adds a little extra polish to a casual look.

Face Prints

If your fashion choices include taking risks, you’ve likely considered oversized t-shirts, cardigans, and blazers with face prints. Whether you prefer faces in cinematic style with splashes of color or poster collages of faces displaying various expressions, you can check out new pieces from Patrick Waugh or Edward Crutchley for inspiration. These items can be worn with dress pants and jackets for a creative yet sophisticated work outfit –and you can wear the same look to happy hour.

Checkerboard Patterns

If you follow fashion shows in London, you likely notice that checks were among the most common pattern for the season. Whether you’re looking for short- or long-sleeve button-downs with checkered or gingham patterns or you prefer a checkered trench coat, many high-end designers will provide you with the inspiration you need to put together a formal look, casual outfit, workday look, or anything in between. You can even find hats, cargo pants, and tuxedo pants in checkered patterns to personalize your outfit and make sure you stand out at your next social event.

Cardigan “Coats”

If you’ve already got a few cardigans in your closet, you can wear these as coats this fall. Fendi debuted oversized cashmere cardigans two seasons ago, and this form of outerwear is making a comeback this fall. Top brands like Hermes and Givenchy are also offering roomy cardigans in a variety of stunning colors and patterns. You can wear the cardigan with a button-down and your favorite dress pants, or with a vintage t-shirt and ripped jeans. Cardigans are great for Casual Fridays at the office, and you won’t have to change clothes if you’re arranged to meet friends after work for dinner or drinks.

These are just a few of the trendy pieces you can wear to enhance your fall look. Many of these clothing items are appropriate for winter as well to keep you looking your best for the remainder of the year. 

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